Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity
by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee

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Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity
by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee


Oh God! How am I to do this? Where should I begin to write?

As I pick up my pen to write an introduction, I feel as though there is pain in each and every cell of my body. How am I to put into words the pain and suffering that I have experienced with this devil? This pain isn’t even worth boasting about, so how much of it will I be able to candidly communicate here?

It happened as I was about to leave for Australia.

I was preparing the manuscript for a book titled, “The God Who Found Me.” In this manuscript I summarized just the essence of the love that God had given me during the nearly 30 years He was beside me and taught me far more than even my physical parents. As I was about to finish this manuscript, I pledged to myself that someday I would publish a book about Satan. That is how I came to stand in the position where I am today.

Before I came into the Will, I was a member of the Catholic Church, and my mother was a person who spent her entire life praying in the Protestant Church. I had many unanswered questions regarding my faith, but had no way of resolving these. Also, these were not questions that were easily resolved.

For a time I was a teacher, and I came to know about the Principle through the parents of one of my students. I listened to Divine Principle lectures for ten days. I was truly amazed. It was as though I was learning a new formula for my life. Yet, it was not easy for me to change my religious affiliation. Every Sunday, I was in such great torment I could hardly stand it. I struggled for seven months, and finally changed my religion. The ten days of Divine Principle lectures changed my life. My mother, who had spent her entire life in prayer, had said in her prayers, “May my son accomplish the work that I have left undone.” Until then, I had the nickname “Smiley.” After this, though, I never smiled.

It is a memory that I don’t even want to recall. In spite of this, I write these words in hope that evil will be banished forever from the Earth and that everything will return to the original countenance and original position desired by God.

I don’t even want to count back to see which year it was. Satan tormented me ruthlessly for three years, and then finally attempted to kill me. He grabbed hold of my stomach so that I could not eat. It took the longest time for me to eat even a spoonful of food. It often happened that I would swallow my food too quickly. I would start to have trouble breathing, and it took a great deal of effort to get the food into my stomach. Every time this happened, my husband would massage my stomach and pray for me. I remember the expression on his face - tense and anxious that Satan might take his wife away from him. He looked yellowish, and beads of sweat fell from him as he held me and prayed with all his might as though he sensed that I was about to take my last breath. I don’t even want to recall the pain that we suffered as husband and wife during this struggle. We would struggle like this for about an hour before Satan would leave. It would have been nice if that were the end of it. I was admitted to hospitals as often as four times in a single year. Satan tried every possible way to kill me.

One year, God commanded me to visit a number of prayer chapels located in various places. Then, one day He specified a particular chapel and commanded me to go there. He told me to remain there for forty days. This command came as a complete surprise to me. This was a place that was difficult for me to stay even four days - no not even one day - much less forty. Yet, He wanted me to stay there for forty days. I stamped my feet, and said, “You ask too much of me.” It was a command from God, so I decided that I would obey, even if it meant that I would lose my life. I wonder whether there could be any place on Earth that was as horrible as this. It was a place so terrible that I could barely bring myself to look at it with my eyes open. There were patients with severe cases of abdominal edema, people missing arms, people missing feet, people whose mouths had caved into their faces, people with tubes connected to their noses, people whose faces had become contorted, people whose complexion had turned dark and who seemed to have nothing left but skin and bones, and people who used their entire bodies to roll around. I saw children with pitiful bodies. I saw people whose faces and noses had all been twisted out of shape. I was dismayed at the sight at these horrific sights. Even more difficult for me was that I had to worship together with these people. The smell of rotting flesh was worse than at a fish market. There was something even more fearful. Dead bodies were being carried away here and there, all around me.

I could hear them making their final agonizing cries of, “Oh God,” “Oh Lord,” and “Please, save me.” It was pandemonium. I would see people one day in pitiful conditions with expressions of deep anxiety, who would disappear in a day or two. I wonder how God received the final prayers of these people. How was I going to spend 40 days observing this pitiful sight? None of the spoons and dishes used for these peoples’ meals were being sterilized. People were in such hurry to eat that they would simply wash the dishes before reusing them. I had no idea how I was going to gain control over my personality and my environment in this situation.

I wondered what possible purpose God could have in placing me in this situation of incredible death. “Please accept me just as I am,” I prayed. “Where do you intend to use me that You should give me such suffering as this?” It was a series of untold number of days of tears and pain. How am I to record on paper the pain my husband felt as he left his wife in this place, separating and rending asunder our small family of just three people?

I barely managed to complete my 40 days amidst this confusion and suffering. I thought to myself that since the following day would be my forty-first, surely God would tell me, “Leave this place.” And sure enough, at exactly five minutes past midnight on the fortieth day. God spoke to me saying, “You should leave this place at once.” I replied, “God, I will leave here in the morning.” God grabbed hold of me and comforted me. He spoke to me in tears, saying, “My loving child, I don’t want you to have to stay in this place even five minutes longer. Leave quickly. But my loving child, my child, my child, there is one thing that you must be sure to remember. You can forget everything else that happened in this place. But there is one thing that you must learn from this. You must gain an understanding of the real nature of Satan. This place represents the reality of Hell. Satan has taken all my children and defiled them. But I must take care of them and cure them.” God comforted me for the various ways in which He had given me difficulty. He repeatedly emphasized, “You have to realize this before you go. You have to see this before you go.” And He cried very sorrowfully. God expressed great sorrow that His child had had to suffer, and told me, “Leave this place at five minutes past midnight.” I escaped from that Hell, leaving God behind. God does not hesitate to be with His children in the midst of suffering, and is determined to treat their injuries and diseases.

Now, it is my intention to report an incident in which Satan attacked me directly. I have previously testified to the spiritual experiences that I had during the three years period I spent visiting various churches. Each time, Satan would stand on my shoulders and jump off from a high place and stomp all over me. This was his attempt to prevent me from going to the meeting place. Whenever I stood on the stage and began talking about the spiritual world, Satan would pinch both my cheeks. He even tried to put his hand over my mouth to try and stop me from speaking. As I stood on the stage, he would even push me backward. I would grab the podium firmly with both hands, or in many cases I would spread many cushions in the rear of the stage before I went on stage. This existence of Satan cannot be compared with that of any devil on earth. He is a deceiver, liar, and he does not even the smallest amount of moral integrity.

The three members of our family went through a lot during the period leading up to the publication of Dr. Sang Hun Lee’s previous book, “The Reality of Spirit World and Life on Earth.” One night, God woke me from my sleep softly, and said, “My loving child, do not be afraid. Satan is railing that he will do what ever it takes to kill you. So in order to keep you alive I have switched your suffering with that of your son. As long as you stay alive, your son can recover. I know this will make your heart ache, but you must be patient.”

I yelled at Satan, saying, “Satan, you devil! Where do you think you’re going? You are my enemy. Are you completely blind?” Satan, though, paid me no attention. My anger was not resolved.

During the time that I was reporting the content of the book titled, “Lucifer, A Criminal against Humanity,” I was forced to endure countless hours of lamentation and indignant anger. God, Dr. Sang Hun Lee, my husband, and I were together in experiencing this indignant anger and pain. At the end of this book, where Lucifer writes letters to God and to True Parents begging their forgiveness, Satan needed to shed desperate tears and repent. But he did not do this. Instead he was without emotion, remorse, or tears. His attitude was that he was writing these letters only because he was forced into a situation where he had no other choice. In particular, he refused for a long time to write the letter of apology to humankind. During the forty days it took me to finish reporting this manuscript, my health declined terribly. I continued the task, however, determined that I had to live at least long enough to finish the manuscript. Will Satan compensate me for the pain and suffering that I experienced during this time?

At the end of each day, I would hide the portion of the manuscript I had transcribed during that day. Now I want to express the anger that has been building up inside me, and kick out this devil Satan forever. In the end, God told me, “My loving child, you have really suffered. But you are not the only one. It hasn’t been easy for Sang Hun to communicate this content. He cried aloud as the looked into every corner of Hell. He cried and cried. He embraced Heung-Jin Nim, and cried endlessly. You have no idea how much time that Sang Hun spent in prayer and in anguish, trying to keep me from having to see these terrible scenes. In his relationship to me, Sang Hun has walked the way of a loyal subject and filial son. You are not the only one who has had a difficult time.”

“God,” I said, “it’s true isn’t it that the end of evil history is now behind us and that a new morning, the new day of your eternal world, has dawned?” I didn’t expect God to answer my question.

God concluded by saying that Dr. Sang Hun Lee has completed his final mission as a person who has arrived in spirit world. When I understood the depth of Dr. Lee’s devotion and heart to God and True Parents, it made me feel very small and ashamed in comparison. Let all of us now be liberated from Satan. In doing so, let’s build God’s eternal world of peace and happiness, where there is no poverty or disease. I made this determination for myself as I remembered the unpleasant experiences and memories of that period. I sincerely hope that all those facing the trials of disease and hardship will now be able to lead lives as beautiful as the peony blossom that blooms in April. I hope that we may breathe in the warm spring air, and rise up to make our break through.

Overlooking the Asan Campus, Young-soon Kim
March 22, 1999

A letter to Father


This is Sang Hun Lee. I believe you have been in perfect health during the intervening time. I offer my sincere congratulations to you on the victory of the 360 million couple blessing and the blessing of Hyo-Jin Nim.

Father, I received a command from God just prior to the 360 million couple blessing. He told me, “You must now reveal the true nature of Lucifer to all humanity and resolve all the pain of the history that had a wrong beginning.” He also said, “Work quickly to resolve all the things that True Parents must do while they are on Earth.”

Father, I again offer to you content that I have put together. I ask that you please read it. Please point out those portions that are wrong, and scold me.


I now offer to you the content that I have put together in accordance with God’s command.

February 10, 1999
Your humble son, Sang Hun

Chapter I - The Life of Lucifer and the Events He Precipitated

1. The True Nature of Lucifer

Lucifer was created at the time God created all creatures. His status was that of an errand runner who would carry out various tasks that required attention in the Garden of Eden. God loved Lucifer. He closely inspected all the created beings in the Garden of Eden, developed them, and guided and taught Lucifer to enjoy them. For his part, Lucifer went throughout the Garden in accordance with God’s commands. He enjoyed his life there, and was obedient to God. Later, God created Adam and Eve, and set them in the position of His children. He directed Lucifer to look after, teach, and love Adam and Eve with all his heart.

At first, Lucifer was extremely happy. He took pride in the fact that he was looking after God’s children. He was moved by God’s love for him, and he protected God’s children and raised them with care. As time went on, though, Lucifer saw that Adam and Eve were growing up just fine with less and less need of his help. Gradually, Lucifer began to turn against God’s love.

Lucifer began to think, “No matter how I look at it, I’m the one who was here first and worked hard to cultivate this Garden. Why is it that God cares for and loves Adam and Eve more than me?” The seed of resentment toward God was beginning to sprout within Lucifer’s heart. Sometimes, Satan would protest to God. “Why do You give Your work to Adam and Eve, when You have never done so to me? Why do you reserve such special love for Adam and Eve? I am disappointed. How can You do this to me?” This is how he began to rebel against God.

There were several incidents of this type, and eventually Lucifer came to the point in his heart where he no longer stood in the position that he needed to maintain. He began to think that he would like to live in the same position as Adam and Eve, and he began to have lustful feelings toward Eve. Gradually, Lucifer began to avoid being seen by God. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve were naive, and followed Lucifer’s every action. Lucifer acted as though he alone were their parent. He avoided God, and acted as though he alone was the master of creation. He controlled Adam and Eve, and gradually led them farther and farther away from God.

He avoided God more and more, and acted like a master, a king, and even the parent. And he began to tempt Eve. Adam wasn’t aware of what was happening, so he would go wherever he wanted to go in the Garden. Even as he grew older, he never understood the relationship that was developing between Lucifer and Eve. Adam did not have God’s teaching, and Eve was always around Lucifer. So Adam became accustomed to being by himself as he grew older. When Lucifer was planting the seed of evil in Eve, God warned Lucifer that he should return to his post and maintain his position, but Lucifer’s heart was already filled with curses for God. Lucifer no longer cared about his position or his station in life. God admonished Lucifer on many occasions.

God admonished Lucifer from several angles to let him know that abandoning his position was a great sin in the eyes of God. Each time, though,

Lucifer rebelled by telling God that anything God did in His position, Lucifer could also do.

God gave several warnings, trying to avoid having a blot on history. Lucifer, however, began to plant in Eve the arrogant concept that he was the highest of all beings and that he could even become higher than God. As evil began to attack like waves washing against the shore, God endured tremendous pain and continued to admonish Lucifer. Finally, though, Lucifer became a criminal in the eyes of history. In other words, Lucifer began an illicit relationship with Eve. How can we even imagine how God must have felt when He learned of this. His heart overflowed with tears, grief, curses, and pain. God was in the Garden of Eden trying, together with the rest of Creation, to sooth His grieving heart.

How many days did this go on? How many years did it continue? In spite of God’s feelings, Lucifer and Eve avoided Him and accelerated their relationship as though they were crazy. Adam was still immature, and didn’t realize that God was going through such pain in His heart. All God could do was to treat the rest of Creation as His companions and as His children. God lived in sorrow for years. As Eve grew into maturity, she began to realize that her relationship with Lucifer was wrong. She then began to plant in Adam the same insecurity and fear that she had received from Lucifer.

Adam was immature. He looked upon Eve as less an object of lust and more as a woman who was quivering with fear. He wanted to help her, and so he comforted her and did everything that she asked him to do. This was the love between Adam and Eve. Adam, though, came to realize that Lucifer’s love for Eve was far more passionate than his own. As time went by, the love between Adam and Eve became very complicated and stormy. This was the beginning of sinful history of our original ancestors. This became the root of humanity’s original sin. How it must have pained God’s heart to lose His children to Lucifer before He even had the chance to love them.

Even in this painful position, God wanted to look upon His children from the position of parent. As a result of the Human fall, however, God had no choice but leave His position as parent. From that moment, the parent-child relationship between God and humankind began to write a history of difficulty, pain, and grief. The parent-child relationship of love deteriorated to a position of hatred, curses, and nightmares. That is why this history now needs to be corrected. Lucifer needs to return to his original position and raise both hands to God in sincere apology. I believe that is the only way that the pain of restoration history and the history of God’s grief can be resolved.

February 10, 1999

2. The Existence of Lucifer

After his illicit relationship with Eve, Lucifer became separated from God. He attacked God and rebelled against God in every aspect of his life. He sowed discord everywhere he went. He planned everything so that the world of evil that began with him and Eve would be completely centered on him. He took on an aggressive character in people’s hearts that made them do the exact opposite of whatever God wanted.

If God was working in the East, Lucifer would lead people’s hearts in the opposite direction toward the West in order to create an obstacle for God. He aggressively recruited people who ran into problems while working on God’s side, and began to increase the size of his group.

On God’s side, there was no teaching about good and evil. Only the Word of God was taught. In Lucifer’s position, on the other hand, a great deal was made of the fact that God’s work was not working out well. So the group of evil was able to increase its numbers quickly, and only a few were left on the side of good (side of God).

God did not try to make excuses. Nor did He give His teachings. This is where the concept of good and the concept of evil originated. Lucifer’s influence and organization was growing, and God waited with a lonely heart for Lucifer and his group to repent for their mistakes and return to Him. He waited countless years for this to happen. These were the years of God’s grief. These were the years of pain, years of grief, and years of indignant anger. The organization of evil became stronger and the forces of good were being defeated. But during these years, God waited and waited for the appearance of true children who would shed light on the history of sin and evil. These were the years of grief in God’s heart.

How terrible it must have been for God to see that as time went on human beings developed two different hearts within themselves. These two hearts both defended and fought against each other, as human beings sought after two different masters. How God must have regretted that He ever created human beings. Still, God’s position as a parent was even more fundamental than His position as Creator. As a parent, He waited with mercy, forbearance, and love. As he did so, human beings began to seek God within their original nature and to live righteously. People sought God in different ways in accordance with the varying voices of their consciences. This is how different religions came into being. God is one. It pained Him yet again to see the rise of so many different religious groups. What is to be done with this pain of God’s heart?

The longer He waited, the more religions were created in accordance with the ways that humanity was changing. Every time people tried to live righteously, Lucifer interfered in order to try to make them live unrighteously. This is how so many different religious groups and denominations have come into being up to this day. As Lucifer’s organization grew larger, there would be self-destructive acts carried out among the forces of evil. Every time this happened, more people would seek out a new righteousness, and this is how the history of the Heavenly way has been written.

Thus, the road has been opened. People who are in areas where there is no road must come to the road, even if it means they must retrace their steps all the way back. A more direct expression would be to say that good represents the way, and evil is doomed to destruction.

Lucifer has lived his life many years in the opposite direction from God, but now Lucifer must come back. Anyone who keeps going in an area where there is no road is simply making his eventual return trip that much more difficult. Lucifer and his band must not waste any more time in stopping all that they are doing now, repent, and return to God. They must apologize to God and confess to the world that they are the criminals responsible for the wrongful history.

February 11, 1999

3. Love and the fall

Lucifer’s fall in the Garden of Eden as a result of illicit love was passed down from generation to generation of human beings and became the original sin. The original world that God desired would have been a world where parents and children lived within the same compound, sharing love and living in beautiful harmony. The illicit love that resulted from the fall, however, meant that the love of human beings bore little resemblance to the true nature of love. This love only produced disharmony, and it was all that human beings could do to maintain love between husband and wife within a limited scope. It was as if a bird that is flying freely in the sky suddenly broke its wing, or somehow the wing fell off. No longer able to fly, the bird would have to crawl along the ground or just lie down. This would severely restrict its area of activity. Human acts of love today are as severely limited as the bird that has lost the use of its wings. This is the reality of love today.

Whether it be a husband and wife who are deeply in love with each other or a newlywed couple on their wedding night, the act of love making today has to be done in hiding so that no one else will know. This is the painful reality of the act of love making that Lucifer has passed down. God created human beings as His children, but the love of the children has been put somewhere where the parent cannot give it His blessing. When God gives His blessing to His children, all of creation also gives its blessing. God wanted to share in the joy and happiness of His children. Lucifer was the one who completely robbed God of the opportunity to express such a heart.

God’s heart and love were reduced to such a lowly level. God’s heart was brought to a pitiful state. This is how the fundamental motivation for human love was turned into something that caused God great pain and sorrow. Among the different expressions of God’s heart, even His love was broken and lost. This painful history continued and continued until today. In order to bring an end to God’s lonely heart and the history of His grief, we must consider how Lucifer’s fall and illicit love has brought about untold amount of suffering to human beings. The time has come for us to get rid of the mistaken origin of love that Lucifer gave us. Thus, Lucifer must repent before God as a criminal who has committed crimes for thousands of years. He must raise both hands and take responsibility before God and humankind for his errors.

In this way he must participate, along with the ancestors of the 360 million couples, in the building of a new heaven and new earth and make a redemptive offering before God and True Parents. Mistaken history must be brought to an end, and Lucifer must dance and sing with True Parents in the new Eden.

February 12, 1999

4. The Life of Lucifer

Lucifer knew everything about the significance of the fundamental love of the human ancestors and about God’s providence. He feared God and held him in awe, and he also knew about the position that he was expected to keep. For these reasons, he has always been in a state of insecurity. He has lived in fear that one day a particular incident would occur. This has been the story of Lucifer’s life.

Lucifer has lived in a state of insecurity and fear, and has forgotten what it was like to enjoy love and peace. The time when he lived surrounded by God’s love and in God’s bosom is nothing but a very distant memory to him. Today, he struggles in the hope that his desires can be satisfied within the limited scope of the life of fear and dread. He has hoped that his will could become reality. His life has been a repetition of this pattern.

Lucifer lived in oneness with insecurity and fear. If God is associated with the Holy Spirit of love, joy, hope, peace and warmth, then Lucifer is closely associated with insecurity and fear. This is because he took that which belonged to someone else. This has been the origin of every aspect of his existence. No matter how hard he may try, he cannot fool people completely. This is because he is a creature created by God, and that is how he was created. How, then, can Lucifer break out of this wall of insecurity and fear and become one with God’s heart of love?

The way he can do this is to keep his position and his station in life. He is not in his own position but in someone else’s, and he is pretending to be the rightful owner of that position. As long as this is true, he lives with the insecurity that the true owner of that position may someday appear. If he were to change his attitude, and announce, “I am not the owner. Wait a little while, and the owner will come,” then his heart would be much more at ease. Also, he must become humble and rid himself of selfish elements. Taking over a position that was not his own and pretending to be the owner means that he has exceeded his rightful level and stolen the position of the rightful owner.

Insecurity and fear came about as a result of excessive desire. Lucifer must do away with selfishness, and live life honestly in his rightful place. That is the only way he can have a foundation of peace, love, and happiness. The greatest crime that Lucifer has committed against humanity until now is that he passed on to us insecurity and fear at the same time that he passed on to us original sin. The fact that insecurity and fear remain in the hearts of human beings signifies that elements of the fall still remain within us. Even great amounts of human effort and prayer have not been sufficient to rid us of these elements or to bring an end to the history of evil.

Working within the context of our precious human lives, we need to remove from our minds and bodies the evil elements we received from Lucifer. To do this, we must reveal every aspect of Lucifer’s nature and root out his fundamental elements. This is not something that can be accomplished in silence or meditation.

Not knowing something can never be considered good in the eyes of God. We must make efforts to know, and when we have knowledge that should not be the end. We gather knowledge in school, but knowledge has no significance if it becomes an end in itself. We must practice the things we have discovered and learned. This is necessary if we are to rid ourselves of the elements that we received from Lucifer. For a long time, Lucifer’s existence was discussed only in terms of his being a criminal. No one taught how we could rid him from our lives.

Now, though, each of us must know the method by which we can get rid of him, and we must root out Lucifer’s elements. The clear fact is that God is our parent, and that we are linked to Him through an eternal parent-child relationship and in a life of attendance to Him. If this is true, then we must consider who is the criminal in the eyes of history and how it was that we humans came to have two masters. No one would dare refer to God as two. The One, or Hananim, is the Creator God who is our parent.

Yet, during the course of history, God has suffered great pain and waited endlessly. How often have His hopes been disappointed? We children need to comprehend how God has been anxious and lonely during a tremendously long time, and then live our lives in a way that begins to repay Him for His grace. Lucifer must go to his position. He must have a heart of repentance before all heaven and earth, and go to his position. Once he arrives there, he must adopt an attitude of waiting humbly for God’s direction.

As a criminal, Lucifer must go before the Parents and have a heart of repentance. He must consider how he is going to recover all the long years that he has spent deceiving human beings and leading them into the dark abyss. As long as the wound of those long years remains and the scar remains, Lucifer will have no right to lift his head. He must live waiting for whatever direction that God may give him.

In this year when True Parents are rooting out Satan, Lucifer himself must close a chapter of the dark history and do the work that he must do while our True Parents are still on earth. So Lucifer must quickly bring an end to the sinful history of humankind and return to his position. The history of precious suffering in the eyes of God will remain as precious history. But the history of suffering and darkness only creates an even bigger blot the longer it continues.

Who can understand the hurt and the pain, the suffering that my Parents have endured? As a child the position of filial piety is to be with the Parents, walk the same way as they walk and to do whatever I can to heal their wounds. That is why I want to tell the world about the position of grief that God has endured throughout history. Now is the time that the criminal must raise both his hands and apologize. God is our only master. And only our Parents will be with God forever. The long years of God’s grief, of His lamentation. Now as a child, I will be a pioneer in declaring Lucifer’s crime and in making clear the details of his crime to the whole world.

February 13, 1999

5. Love and Blessing

Lucifer departed from the original standard where God created him, but he knows the fundamental will of God’s love and blessing. That is why he has lived in the exact opposite direction of God’s course. The reason is that by going in the opposite direction he knew that he could create a group opposed to God and a nation opposed to God, a family and individual opposed to God.

Lucifer thought that he could continue forever going against God and create a force that is even greater than God’s. However, God never told Lucifer about His direction. The reason is that God saw that he is trying to go in the opposite direction and he knew that if he let Lucifer know what direction he is taking, Lucifer would go in the opposite direction. Lucifer has avoided God and gone in the opposite direction and devoted all his energy into creating his own force and has caused pain to God’s heart.

God’s love has reached out even to Lucifer. God’s parental love desires to give the blessing even to Lucifer. Even in his pain, God has loved Lucifer. Even though Lucifer has caused God’s wound, he must work to mend that. Lucifer must come to know God’s love, understand God’s love, and bow down before the love of God that reaches out to him in mercy. It is not because God is powerless to do anything that He has waited so long. God is the owner of all creation and He is the owner of love and mercy. Lucifer must know that God is the Parent who waits for Lucifer to return on his own. Also, Lucifer must bring to an end the various lineages and works and other mistakes that he has brought about. When God gives him mercy, then he must bring all of his activities to an end and come before God as quickly as possible and receive God’s blessing and grace.

The flow of history has gone in a wrong direction but this mistaken flow must eventually come to an end and there must be a new beginning. When a ship at sea comes up against a storm, then it must first wait for the storm to subside. But there is no sailor who will do nothing after the storm passes. The sailor will work to repair the damage of the storm so that if another storm comes or if a large wave comes the ship will be able to withstand that force.

The foolish person does not understand the time in which he lives. The wise person who has foresight, however, understands the time in which he lives and works to follow the path of heaven. We are now living in the wonderful time that is the year of rooting out Satan so Lucifer must bring to an end all the mistakes of history. He must confess together with all criminals his own mistakes. He must repent. Together with all his group he must bow down to God, offer a kyungbae to God. If he does this, then I think that would be the attitude of a truly remarkable being. Even if until now his actions have been that of a monster that is even more terrible than a thief, he still has the chance to act out a remarkable finish. I think that would be the wisest attitude that he could adopt.

I hope that Lucifer does not miss this opportunity to receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. He can repent before God and receive God’s forgiveness and even hope to receive the True Parents’ blessing. I sincerely hope that Lucifer does not miss this opportunity. I think that this is the best time for Lucifer to completely sever himself from all the sins that he has committed throughout the course of history and bring a beautiful end to this mistaken history.

February 13, 1999

6. Love and Within Love

The word “love” is very interesting. God is the incarnation of love. God cannot be explained without using the word “love.” When God began creating all of creation, He began with love. As He created each creature, He made it so that every creature had its own special character and would be able to show its own special beauty and joy to human beings. Even after creating human beings, God wanted to be able to relate with creation and have a give and take of love.

The motivation for God’s creation was love and the flow of history was to be a flow of love. The final destination of history was to be love, and the entirety of our life was to be love. When God would meet His children in spirit world, it was to have been a meeting of love. But the beginning of history turned out to be a beginning of illicit love and of evil, so the essence of love was corrupted so that it no longer bore any resemblance to its original purpose.

Love can be divided into two general categories. One is the vertical love such as parental love and the love of children. The other is horizontal love such as love between husband and wife. More concretely the two types of loves are one that involves sharing heart to heart and another that is more physical. Today, however, both types of love have become corrupted so that they bear no resemblance to what they were originally.

Lucifer avoided God’s eyes and left his position. He engaged in self-centered love centering on his excessive desire that he himself could not control. Even though love is something by which we live for others and give to others, Lucifer acted according to his own desire and stole that which belonged to someone else. Because this was the nature of his love, it became a love of disharmony. His vertical love was also a love by which he stole something that did not belong to him. For this reason he could not love properly. Instead, he loved as a thief and this love came to have a nature of insecurity and fear. The tragedy of Eve was that she finally had to go away from this love of Lucifer because of the pain that it caused her.

The central figure of human history is the one who is the king of love and who created all of heaven and earth. Yet the flow and direction of history was changed to one of evil. God cannot just sit waiting and do nothing about this. The time that God has spent waiting was such a difficult time for Him. His children must now take hold of the criminal of love and carry out an operation to wipe out his influence and offer him up to God. This is the way that we can bring final resolution to the historical grief of God who is our Parent.

Lucifer, do you know what your crime has been? Can you hold your head up as a criminal before humanity that lives for the sake of love and was created for the sake of love? Lucifer understands clearly the nature of his crime.

Lucifer should come back to love that is real love. He should come to the garden of love and gather up all the forces of darkness. How far will he go? God is the Master of the entire world. Lucifer is only dancing around on the palm of God’s hand, and God can do anything He wants with him. But God is love itself. We must understand the heart of God who has endured until today as a result of His love.

Today even if God continues to wait, His children can no longer wait. The heart of the children is that we want to let Him have peace in His heart. Lucifer understands what love really is and he once experienced that kind of love. God is a Father who misses even those children who are kicked out of the Garden and He looks over the wall surrounding the Garden to see how His children are doing. This is love. How much has Lucifer missed God and wanted to see God? How much did he miss the love of God?

Lucifer, you should come back into love before all the people who have witnessed history pass judgment on your past crimes. Come back to the road of real love. You have lived by turning your back against love but God will again clothe you in love. You should come back to the original Garden and return to the state where you are obedient and joyful. You must change your clothing and put on the clothes of God’s love. Don’t make us wait any longer. Come back on your own before the call goes out to capture all the sinful people all over the world. Don’t come back secretly in the evening after dark or under the cover of darkness. Instead come back when the sun is high. Come and stand in front of God. That is the best way for you to end your mistaken path. I want you to hurry. Come quickly.

February 14, 1999

7. Lucifer’s fall as Seen from the Four Position Foundation

In the Garden of Eden God created human beings, and His hope was that they would be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over all things. This was the blessing that He gave to human beings. And He saw that all was good. But this was only a momentary joy. Lucifer put a trap of darkness on God’s joy and this caused a flow of human history to fall behind.

Anyone who understands this fact cannot stand to wait any longer. Who could possibly know this and simply sit and wait? Now we will reveal Lucifer for who he is to all of heaven and earth. God created Adam and Eve, and He blessed them so when the time came they could love each other and establish the blessing with God’s permission. They would have multiplied sons and daughters, and firmly established God’s position as the creator of human beings. Lucifer, however, became their masters by occupying God’s position, and they multiplied an evil world and race which they had not desired. We became the descendants of victims within this flow of history. Now we are at a point, though, where we have sufficient intellect to understand who is the criminal and who is the victim. How will we make this judgement? Do we have to always be looking at the dark shadow that is inside God’s wall of love?

There are many nations and races in the world but in God’s eyes they are all His children and we are all related to each other by blood. We must now correct the actions of Lucifer by which he separated the world in this way. This is work that the children must accomplish.

God who is the essence of love has waited and endured in love. The True Parents discovered the true nature of Lucifer and are waiting for him to come. We who are the children, however, must be born again as pioneers in this history. We must accuse Lucifer for his actions and the resulting mistaken history. We must place him on the great place of judgement and officially pass sentence on him.

Many witnesses are sure to appear before the God of love and True Parents. Lucifer has avoided God in many ways, and he has distorted the direction of history in many ways. He has organized the forces of evil, but these facts have been known to us from the beginning in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer turned against God and acted as though he were God and used trickery. We can no longer wait for Lucifer nor can we be fooled by him any longer.

Lucifer must establish the pattern of the four position foundation correctly. He must tell the truth about how history began. History has flowed until today in the wrong direction. But no matter how hard Lucifer may try to distort history, his true nature and his crimes cannot be avoided. Lucifer, you yourself must explain exactly about the historical mistakes. Tell the world yourself how it is that we came to this point. You are your own witness. You must reveal your own crimes, even if you have to bring a lawyer for yourself.

God will weep, His children will weep, and all of creation will stand as witnesses as sentence is passed on you. Let’s hear you talk about the time in history when you were happy. When you were happy didn’t you hear the sound of God crying out? Lucifer, if you think you can avoid this, let’s see you try. All around you now there is no place for you to stand. The 360 million couples have surrounded you. Lucifer, there is no way you can escape from this net. What are you going to do? Are you going to confess or are you going to destroy yourself? Which will you choose?

Many times in history you wore the mask of God in order to increase your forces. Now let’s see you show your real self. You have been nailed by the four position foundations that surround you as the false master of history. Can you escape? If you want to make excuses for yourself, let’s see you try. No matter where you go your final destination has already been determined. Hold your head up and see where it is that you must stand in relation to the four position foundation in accordance with Divine Principle.

Now you must put your two hands together and apologize before history. Do this quickly. Think about who God is. Come to your senses and think about where your original position lay. Lift up your head. Look around you and see where God’s position was. Go ahead and touch it. I’m sure you will see for yourself that your path has been a mistaken one.

February 15, 1999

8. The Three Objective Purposes and God’s Will

God’s original desire and the beginning of history went in the wrong direction. It is only natural that the children should resolve all the mistakes and sources of pain for the sake of the parent. The painful reality is that in order to do so we need to talk again about the pain of the parent’s heart and His circumstances.

The three objective purposes that God wanted to accomplish were to be able to have give and take with love and beauty. History, however, has gone in the opposite direction from God’s desire, so we must recover the three objective purposes to the original positions in the Garden. To do this we must begin by correcting those things that went wrong in the beginning. That is why we must reveal the essential nature of Lucifer.

Lucifer understood the will of God contained in the three objective purposes, but he initiated the history of evil instead of the history of good. He should have had give and take in love and beauty, and returned joy to God. Because he had give and take in evil, however, he gave God pain and grief instead of joy. In this way he completely ruined God’s will. It was his purpose to create his own world as if the three objective purposes represented his own will. We know now that this is the reality we see today. So in many ways we can see that Lucifer’s crimes have become apparent to the world. In the name and authority of God’s children we accuse Lucifer before God.

The fundamental essence of Lucifer has now become clear, so please make it clear what attitude we should adopt as children. When we were too young to understand, we could only stand by and watch our Parents suffer and shed tears.

Now that we have grown, we can understand our Parents’ pain. We cannot just stand by while they are suffering unjustly. God, our Father, what shall we do? True Parents, what would you like us to do? We believe that it is not right for the children to simply wait forever.

We think that it is time for us to remove the painful circumstances that your children have had to suffer because of Lucifer. It would be very difficult for you to have to look at the horrible and pitiful scenes in the spiritual world that came about because of Lucifer.

God’s will was for all beings to have give and take in love and beauty. The fruit of evil that Lucifer brought into being has brought a tearful fruit to this Garden. The situation in this time of harvest is that everything has been stored in the eternal storehouse in its ruined state. Who is going to save these people? Will Lucifer save them? Shouldn’t you, Lucifer, be responsible for the fruits of your seed? Why do you cause our Parents pain by forcing on them these fruits of the mistaken harvest time?

You sowed the seeds so you harvest the fruit. Go to one of those terrible dens. They are filled with the cries of your descendants calling out to you. Why do you neglect your children? Go and cry out with them. Take responsibility for them. Are you qualified to be responsible for them and to save them? Lucifer, speak. Raise your head and speak. Tell us that you will take responsibility for the seeds that you sowed. Tell us that you will take responsibility for the seeds that you sowed. Tell us that you will take responsibility for the seeds that you sowed. Are you confident? Are you qualified? Speak up and answer. As a child of the Parents I cannot bear to let them see any more pain. Our Parent, God, has shared the pain and suffering of His children throughout history. Our Father, God, allowed Himself to be scolded along with His children, shed tears together with His children and endured suffering together with His children.

Lucifer, when your children were being scolded, what did you do? When your children were shedding tears, did you ever shed tears with them? Did you ever feel pain in your heart for the suffering of your children? If you never participated in their suffering, then haven’t you lost the qualification to be their parent? Then what are you? Is there anything that you have accomplished? You sold out humankind, and you sold out history so that you could live an easy life. The only thing you have done is to live a life of a prodigal son. Isn’t that true? You must make compensation to humankind and to history. How much will you pay back? Even if you were to sell your whole life it wouldn’t be nearly enough to compensate for God’s love and tears.

Lucifer, what shall we do with you? What shall we do with you so that all the years of God’s grief, all the years of humankind’s suffering and misfortune, and all the seeds of evil that you sowed can be resolved? What will you give to compensate the True Parents for the life that they spent dealing with these things? How will you pay them back? As children there is no way we can express these painful circumstances. The beautiful world, God’s original creation, has now become a world covered with wounds. As a child I must re-establish a purpose in that ideal Garden which was destroyed because of Lucifer. I believe it is my destiny and mission to accomplish this.

* After Dr. Lee recorded all this and as he turned to leave, he said, “Mrs. Kim, you don’t know. You don’t know. Mrs. Kim, you don’t know about all these painful circumstances.” And then he began to weep.

February 16, 1999

9. Lucifer’s fall and the March to Hell

Lucifer’s fall in the Garden of Eden has been revealed through the Divine Principle, and it has been revealed that he is the criminal ancestor of humankind. He must now resolve the years spent waiting for him and return to where he was before the fall. To do that, Lucifer must repent deeply and recognize himself that he was wrong. He must stand in his original position and respond to God’s commands with absolute obedience. He must recover everything in the position where he completely fulfills his tasks. How, though, is Lucifer going to get rid of all the evil fruits that have multiplied over the long years beginning with the day that he left his position?

Everything has to be taken care of on Earth before the place in spirit world that is called Hell can be destroyed. No matter how hard people try in the spirit world to liberate hell, it is no use. Evil people on earth leave their physical bodies behind and come into the spirit world and form a long column leading to hell. As long as this continues, hell cannot be destroyed.

In the same way that grain harvested in the autumn is stored in the storehouse just as it is, human beings also go into the eternal storehouse of spirit world just as they are. This is a very painful fact. People on earth who have physical bodies will probably find this difficult to understand. This is the grief and pain of God and True Parents. The True Parents are working to take care of this on earth by rooting out the true nature of Lucifer. God Himself tries not to look at this place called Hell, because it hurts Him so much to do so. How much, then, would it hurt the True Parents, who must establish the laws of eternal spirit world, if they were to come here and see the terrible and pitiful scenes in Hell. I, Sang Hun Lee, absolutely want to go the way of filial child. I want to take care of this problem before True Parents come, so that the terrible scenes that Father must see can be reduced as much as possible.

One day I had a discussion with Heung Jin Nim. I suggested that if there was a way where a series of posts could be placed in the ground so that God and True Parents would not have to see these terrible situations, then we should do this. But there is no way that this can be done. So what must we do? How can we stop that march to Hell? No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t think of a way. Until life on earth has been cleaned up, there is no way that healthy grain can be brought into the storehouse. All things come about by the decision and determination of our True Parents, but I, Sang Hun, feel my lack of qualifications and strength and abilities. There is no act that is more unfilial than this.

One day I was wondering to myself, “What shall I do, what shall I do?” God called me, saying, “Sang Hun, I am very grateful for the way that you concern yourself over this. It gives Me joy that I have children now who think about these things. I am grateful.”

I was awe-stricken. I don’t have any qualification or ability, so what I can do is to reveal all the traces and kinsmen of Lucifer. That is all Sang Hun can do. When I was on earth I was really ignorant about spirit world. I searched through many books to try to study spirit world, but I could never figure out what the spirit world was like. Now that I am in this world, an even greater problem is the existence of Lucifer.

The peace of all humankind was destroyed because of once single being, Lucifer. The origin point of all human history is becoming black. No matter how much we try to cut it off, the issue of the people marching to hell cannot be resolved. Even Unification Thought and my efforts are of no use with respect to this issue.

True Parents, what should I do? No matter how hard I try to help you, I only end up increasing your burden. The dark shadows on earth that came about as a result of Lucifer’s fall have only resulted in pain so great that even God and True Parents cannot speak about it. I feel sorry that I have no ability except to dig up all the reality of this and make it known to the world.

Lucifer, how do you want things to be resolved? You only stomped all over the world according to your desire. Did you ever look back to see what happened to the world after you stepped on it? What will you do about the cries of agonies and the curses of your flesh and blood? Try drinking from the same bitter cup as they do. Isn’t that what you should do as a parent? Why do you expect the True Parents to heal even the wounds of your children? Why did you create children that you could not heal and for whom you could not take responsibility? What is there that our Parents should be responsible for? Don’t try to pass the responsibility on to someone else. I feel so sorry for our Parents that I can hardly look at them. Lucifer, do you know about God’s years of lamentation? Why don’t you treat the painful wounds of our Parents? If you do that, then I, Sang Hun, will also treat the wounds of your children. Give me your word as a man. I will keep my word. You should do the same. Shall I leave our Parents in your care? I want you to cure them of their lamentations and of their tears and of their wounds and of their pain. Completely cure them. I think if you nurse them it will have a greater effect than the best medicine. I don’t have the proper medicine to treat my Parents. I need you to nurse them. I beseech you. I beseech you to live up to your name as Lucifer and maintain your position until the end in order to care for them.

February 21, 1999

10. The Events Brought About by Lucifer

Over the course of history we human beings have had evil blood flowing in our veins because Lucifer became the ancestor of human beings in the Garden of Eden. Because of this, human beings have been born with original sin. Originally, human beings were supposed to multiply a lineage of goodness through the Holy Spirit of God. Instead, we multiplied the seed of evil. God, too, needs to bring an end to the lineage of evil and establish the lineage of His original desire, but first He needs to bring an end to the flow of human history which began with evil.

Already many evil lineages have been multiplied on earth. How this must make God’s heart ache! But it is only natural that the wrong history must be corrected and the wrong lineage must also be corrected. When I was on earth I really tried to study and analyze this from the perspective of philosophy, but now that I am in the spirit world I see that there is an incredible amount of difficult situations. There are many things that can never be resolved by my individual intellect or by any philosophy. It hurts me even more, because my inability means that I must ultimately pass the responsibility on to the True Parents.

The longer I am here, the more often God calls me. He calls me but when He sees my immature state, He finds it difficult to speak to me. I can understand why He would feel this way. There are so many things that True Parents must take care of while they are on earth. God wants to toll me about these but it hurts His heart so much that He can only call out “Sang Hun,” and then He is silent. San Hun, though, understands God’s heart.

True Parents! I am so sorry that I have no choice but to give you even more work. Until all the evil lineages that have been created so far have been brought to an end, the life in spirit world is so confused that no matter how much people try, it cannot be resolved. If only the grain that has properly ripened were brought into the storehouse, then it would be easy to keep things in order. Previously, I revealed many times how if the many families that have received the Blessing simply continue to live as they did before, they will fall into a trap in the spirit world. If that happens, it will take a long time. People cannot see the spirit world with their eyes, and they think that it is something that doesn’t concern them. So when they come to the gate of the spirit world, they find that they are unable to pass.

People must understand the teachings of the Divine Principle and the essence of the Blessing. They must live according to God’s Providence and the direction given by True Parents. The life that Lucifer leads in its essence is very unclean. All he does is do everything he can to pull humankind into evil. He is completely incapable of doing anything about the column of people marching into hell. It is True Parents who must resolve this complicated situation. We should not simply pray for True Parents’ health and long life. Instead, we should also try to better our own lives so that we can lighten True Parents’ load even a little bit. This may be even more important than praying for their health and long life.

In the world of reality, everything belongs to me. How many people are there who live to be a hundred? Before long, everyone must come to the spirit world. Everyone must live clean, peaceful and honest lives. If pure and clean water were to flow into the spirit world from the physical world, then there would be no need to clean up the spirit world or gather up trash. Right now, though, there is so much garbage that people don’t have time to properly separate their trash. They just throw it all into one pile. It wouldn’t be right for God’s children to say that because they live a life of attendance to God that they can live peacefully and smell the scent of flowers and listen only to wonderful sounds.

Heung Jin Nim’s expression is sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes yellow. It often changes. This is because he is working so hard. It is time now that we all acknowledge the fact that we became Lucifer’s descendants, accuse Lucifer to | the world, and liberate ourselves from our bad habits. We must participate together in the movement to kick out Lucifer. Whose fault do you think it is that everything is so horrible and diseased on earth?

There are many incredible diseases that came about as a result of sin, but we think they have nothing to do with us and ignore them. All these are the “holy” inheritance that Lucifer left for us. Doesn’t this make you angry? Doesn’t it make you angry that the history of evil continues to flow and the evil blood continues to flow in the veins of people?

Everyone must be liberated from that which is old. That is the only way that Lucifer can be completely expelled. All of us must work to attend God and True Parents. No one would want their parents to have to accomplish such a difficult task on their own. Let’s determine ourselves to go the way of filial piety. To live well, to live correctly, means to liberate God and practice filial piety to True Parents.

Only the Parents of Heaven and Earth can resolve the evil lineages that Lucifer has brought about. No one else can do this. But we cannot imagine how difficult it is for them to resolve this complicated and long history by themselves. People on earth cannot see the spirit world so their hearts are at ease. But here there are no excuses. People don’t give you a discount because they feel sorry for you. If you are placed in hell, you can’t buy your way out. The sight of people who have been living there for thousands of years is more terrible than the most gruesome battlefield covered with dead bodies. Can you understand this? What is Lucifer doing about this?

Does he say that it pains his heart to look at this or does he give them any sympathy at all? Rather than doing anything to resolve this situation, he only adds more and more people every day to this march to hell. This place is our home where we must all go together. I ask that we be able to receive our True Parents eternally in a well-built home. Now Lucifer must clearly acknowledge the reality that he himself has created, and work with us to build the Kingdom of Heaven.

February 24, 1999

11. Lucifer’s Deeds

In the Garden of Eden Lucifer left God’s side and abandoned the heavenly path. For this reason, he became prisoner to insecurity, fear, hatred, envy, jealousy and desire. These are not God’s attributes. They come from sin. God’s original nature is love, peace, happiness and good. God wanted to give these attributes to human beings. Instead, more evil elements were passed on to human beings than the attributes of God. Parents, however, wait for their children and children search for their parents. This is the heavenly principle. This is why we want to bring Lucifer as a witness and correct the beginning of history.

Lucifer abandoned his original position, and has acted falsely. For this reason he has always been afraid that someone would unmask him. So he has been filled with hatred instead of love. Because he is always afraid that he might lose his place, he feels he is in competition with everyone around him. That is why he has more hatred than love. Because hatred comes first from him, it was only natural that he feel envy, jealousy and evil desire.

Because these were passed on to human beings, the results of Lucifer’s deeds have dealt a decisive blow to people. In an environment filled with peace, happiness and love, people’s hearts are at peace so it is impossible for people to get sick. Most of the diseases that affect modem people came about as a result of this sin that Lucifer passed on to us. As time passed, the diseases that came about through sin spread more widely to the point that modern people are not able to treat the fundamental cause of sin. They can only see the resulting diseases, and so they concentrate all their efforts in treating the diseases.

How, then, should we treat the diseases that came about through Lucifer’s sin? If it is a disease that is connected to the root of sin, then we should first work to pull out that root. In the Divine Principle chapter on the fall of Man, the root of sin is revealed as the illicit love of humankind. Actually, the root of sin in each individual can be discussed in terms of several categories. For example, the disease named “liver cancer” was decided by modem medical establishment. Liver cancer can affect different people for different reasons. In some cases, undue stress may be placed on the liver as a result of smoking or drinking. In other cases, a person may hate someone so much that this heart of hatred will have an effect on the liver. They both suffer from liver cancer but in the first case the cause is physical and in the second case the cause of the disease is spiritual. The first patient can be treated by having him stop drinking and smoking and take plenty of rest. The second patient needs to be treated by having him repent his heart of hatred. In this way, there are different ways to treat an illness.

The fundamental cause for both these patients, however, is the same. It comes from attributes of Lucifer. In treating the diseases of modem human beings, therefore, we should not depend solely on the visible disease or on the name of the disease. Instead, we should remove the fundamental cause of the disease and rely on the attributes given to us by God. Modem human beings are most afraid of the disease called cancer. This disease, too, has its fundamental cause in the mistake committed by the original human ancestors.

When the hearts of all people are filled with the attributes that God wanted us to have - that is, love, peace and happiness - and we have give and take with each other based on these, Lucifer’s elements will be completely removed from human beings. Even though Lucifer has been working for thousands of years until today, he will be completely helpless in the face of the attributes of God our Father and he will have to leave us. Fundamentally, we are one but we made two masters for ourselves. Some stranger has been acting in the place of our master. Now his deeds must be judged by history and all diseases must be forever expelled from earth together with Lucifer’s demise.

All of us now must know all the details about everything Lucifer has done and pour ourselves into pulling out the roots of the fall that are within us. We must work to prepare ourselves for the day when the blossoms of God’s love, peace and happiness will fill the earth.

February 25, 1999

Chapter II - Diseases Caused by Lucifer

1. Diseases Caused by Lucifer

The number of diseases in the world is too many to count. There are also countless names given to these diseases. How is it that Lucifer makes people sick, and how does he push them along the path of death? Let’s take an example. People on earth are most afraid of cancer so cancer is divided into several categories.

Why does the disease called stomach cancer come about? The stomach is a very important organ for people. Of course all parts of the human body are precious, but the stomach is especially so because it takes all the food and drink that comes into the body through the mouth and digests and stores these. It is a storage place that is supposed to provide the body with nutriments. If something goes wrong there, then there is a problem with supplying nutriments for the body and there is major difficulty in maintaining life.

When that happens, there is an imbalance of nutriments in the human body. The body becomes weak and it loses its ability to defend itself against other illnesses. In general, stomach cancer is caused by overeating to the point that stress is placed on the stomach. Aside from this, if a person is under a great deal of stress in general, it makes it difficult for the stomach to perform its normal movement of contraction and expansion. This makes it difficult to digest food completely and food particles are left in the stomach. A stomach has ways of avoiding trouble and maintaining its balance even in the midst of such stress from various sources. This is why the health of a human body can be maintained.

When a person eats very salty food, then the stomach will make the person drink water so that the salty elements can be evaporated. If a person eats a lot of spicy food and the stomach begins to hurt, then it will send a signal, saying, “Please don’t eat any more spicy food.” This way it manages to avoid trouble and to adapt itself. Here we find another amazing aspect of how God created human beings. It’s difficult to coordinate even things that can be observed by the human eye. Yet, the different parts of the human body are able to coordinate with each other without having anybody giving them direction. We must give thanks again to the love of God for humankind. Strangely we see here that there is a criminal who places obstacles in the way of the proper functioning of the human body and makes the human body break down. The identity of that criminal is Lucifer.

Lucifer says, “The stomach is doing very well so I am going to grab hold of it or see what else I can do.” He does all kinds of mischief like this. When this happens people feel pain in their stomach or exhibit various other symptoms. Such people become unable to eat and they go to one clinic after another but they are told simply, “It has to do with your nerves.” So they are always sick and suffer through their life. It’s amazing when the human body breaks down it creates the sensation of pain. If there were no pain, it would be impossible to treat the body. Because there is pain people pay attention to curing the disease. So how are we to treat this illness? The motivation for this disease may lie in any one of several aspects. For us, however, the most important thing is that we ourselves must find out the fundamental cause of the illness. When we have found the fundamental cause we are already half way in curing the disease. Is it true, then, that if a disease comes from Lucifer we should not treat it but simply pray about it? This kind of unenlightened faith only causes pain to God and other believers.

Modern medicine, too, has been blessed by God. So it is natural that we should rely on medical science in treating diseases. An important thing to add, however, is that we need to know how to deal with the fundamental root of Lucifer. We must ask ourselves, “Why did I come down with this disease?” If it is a situation where repentance is necessary, then we must repent. If we do that, then, Lucifer will certainly leave us. Sometimes if there is some mistake, then we can correct that and pray so that Lucifer will leave. Some people may just keep visiting hospitals for an extended period without thinking about these things I have described, or will foolishly continue simply praying about it. This kind of faith is wrong. Of course there are many cases where diseases are cured through prayer. This outcome depends on absolute faith and on the symptoms of the disease.

The wise decision for modem people would be to live a life of attendance to God, by putting into practice the word of God for the Completed Testament Age in accordance with their own clear thinking and their experience of faith. As children, we must have an attitude of mature faith. There have been many instances until now where spiritualists led many people into darkness as a result of their own mistaken judgment and thinking.

God has raised human beings by telling us that we are the supreme being in all of creation. Yet many people have become confused by the claims of spiritualists and have been led into the wrong place. This is very important. Therefore, when a person becomes sick, he should not panic. Instead, he should pray. As we grow in faith and gain more experience, we should be able to resolve more and more problems ourselves. People on earth must listen to the teaching of True Parents and offer their devotion in order to grab a hold of themselves and root out the lineage of Lucifer forever.

February 27, 1999

Human beings live in their physical bodies on earth for roughly a hundred years. So the physical body is a organic structure that God has given us. When this physical body is young it grows. After we are past our twenties, however, the functions of the physical body slowly decline. It seems extremely unfair, though, that it is much more common for the body be ruined through sickness than it is for a person to gradually approach death as his body declines through old age.

Human beings were supposed to live in joy by receiving the elements of love (living spirit elements) from God. From the time of our birth, however, we were afflicted with a disease called insecurity. Thus, humanity started out in a wrong way. So the life span of human beings has been related to sinful blood relations and everyone has elements within them which allow Lucifer to invade them. Human beings took on a form that was different from what was supposed to be. They took on a life of disease. That is, human beings were first of all diseased spiritually and secondly diseased physically as a result of Lucifer’s invasion.

About 70 to 80 percent of all illnesses are the result of Lucifer’s invasion. Another 20 to 30 percent result from excessive fatigue and other environmental factors but these do not develop into tragic diseases.

What are these diseases that are among the 70 to 80 percent? Some people come down with a disease because either Lucifer or another being acting on his behalf is tormenting that person. There has to be some causal element for this. Perhaps a person will be made to act like Satan in front of everyone at church so as to create problems for people who are leading a good life of faith. When this happens, that person can overcome this through prayer, humility and love. However, if the person continues to be invaded by Lucifer, then that invasion will infect some portion of his physical body and he will become ill.

When that happens, the person becomes distant from his faith and his physical body becomes even more diseased. Lucifer works to push individual people into darkness so as to make them come to his side. When such a person goes to spirit world he will naturally be guided to a place where people attend Lucifer as their master. I will not go into the issue of the division of denominations within and among religions here.

The spirit world is vast, but there are very few places where God can be with people. I believe, then, that you can understand how lonely God’s heart must be. It is impossible to list all the evil deeds that Lucifer has carried out against humans until now. How great God’s sorrow must be when He sees the tragic forms of His children when they come to spirit world. Until the Kingdom of Heaven is established on earth, there can be no Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. True Parents have to take care of all these problems while they are on earth, so they have an incredible task.

Lucifer’s minions continue to work extensively to bring people over to their side, but God only waits for them to return to Him. Now, however, True Parents have established all the conditions necessary for us to be able to rise up. Let’s invest our hearts together in the effort to clear up the problem of Lucifer once and for all. This is the only way in which we can together accuse the criminal against humanity.

My hope is that we will all become one before God and True Parents who must continue to see their many children in a diseased state.

March 7, 1999

2. Diseases of the Digestive System

The opinion held by most people regarding diseases of the digestive system is that these are caused either by excessive stress being placed by the stomach through overeating or by eating foods that are salty or spicy. If the disease is difficult to treat, they say it concerns the nerves. This is the diagnosis of modern medicine.

In the former case there is a clear cause for the disease. This is considered common sense. We also need to recognize, though, that there are many people who suffer pain without knowing the cause of the disease. In the former case medicine can be prescribed and we can see immediate improvement in the patient. The latter case, however, is a case where a disease comes from Lucifer.

In such a case, therefore, taking medicine or going to different hospitals will not do any good. The patient will continue to suffer day after day. In some cases the stomach is so painful that the patient cannot eat. In other cases the patient cannot swallow food. In some cases the patient will eat but then have a severe reaction and will feel like he will die. Some people eat only gruel or very soft rice and suffer many years. I would like to explain now about the causes for such symptoms.

There are differences among people depending upon their individual mission or the accomplishments and merits of their ancestors. However, when a person is being tormented in their stomach, this is being done either by Lucifer himself or his minions who grab hold of the stomach. This not only obstructs the function of the stomach but also affects the heart.

If this is a great person who is fulfilling some mission, then it may be that he is being prevented from eating so that he will not be able to pursue his mission. If it is a person of great faith, it may be that he is being given a test so that he will not be able to follow his faith. Depending on the different ways that the tormenting is carried out, this can turn into stomach ulcers or other diseases of the stomach. So the only thing that Lucifer has given us is disease. Because people don’t realize this, they waste a lot of money on hospitals. The clear fact we must understand is that we need to be able to distinguish the different causes of our illnesses. We have to be able to determine the cause.

We have to be able to distinguish whether the illness is of the first type or the second type. Whichever it is, we need to be healthy. The first step for us is to determine the cause clearly in terms of medical science. The next step is to consider how we are going to treat it. If nothing is wrong medically, then this is clearly a spiritual illness so we must pray.

If we pray then God can work. God can always work whenever we ask Him something in prayer. This is because we are God’s children. God cannot work if we do not pray. This is because Lucifer is maintaining his position as our master.

When we call out to God, Lucifer is forced to move away. Until now we treated diseases without really thinking about the method of resolution. Now we should chase Lucifer away and seek God’s healing hand. God is love so He will surely give us His hand. All of us should pray to God and attend Him as our Father.

March 8, 1999

3. Diseases Caused by Ancestors

There are many people who don’t respond to the treatment prescribed at the hospital and suffer from poor health throughout their lives. In the cases of these illnesses as well, God does not intervene. The reason is that people linked by blood to Lucifer can go back and forth to each other freely, but God cannot intervene. First of all, this is because of the blood relationship. Second, it is because our ancestors are more on Lucifer’s side than on God’s side.

The ancestors of such people appear to their descendants in the same form that they had when they left the earth and entered spirit world. So they may cause physical pain. The fact that someone’s body is ill is a sign that their ancestors are not in a comfortable place and so they are trying to make some request regarding their situation. Prayer is also necessary for this kind of problem. Chronic illnesses must also be treated by modern medicine, and they require a particularly mature attitude by the person of faith. What I mean by this is that not all the blame should be placed on the ancestors. The person who has the physical body has to understand that he also has responsibility.

For example, if the body is sick because of ancestors, the person should not only be trying to liberate his ancestors. He should recognize his own responsibility to the same extent that he liberates his ancestors. Only then will the afflicted part be cured. If the sickness derives from some grief of an ancestor then the descendant needs to lead a life of sincere faith. Only then will the ancestor also be able to find a comfortable place in the spirit world.

Thus the diseases that afflict us come to us from ancestors who are on Lucifer’s side. They are giving us much suffering so we must understand the causes and pray. We must take care of how we lead our lives.

March 9, 1999

4. Disease of the Prostate Gland

Diseases of the prostate are unique in the area that they only afflict men. An infection develops on the male sexual organ and the prostate becomes enlarged. This disease requires that an operation be performed quickly otherwise the enlargement will cause severe problems. The view of medical science is that this illness requires an operation because there is something wrong with the male organ. Seen spiritually, however, the cause of this illness is latent from the time of birth, because human beings are born with original sin. The fundamental root of sin is exactly as it is described in Divine Principle. Thus the root of sin and the seed of sin are in the male sperm. It is not an exaggeration to say that this disease is given to us one hundred percent by Satan. This is a serious problem.

It would seem, then, that all men would suffer from enlarged prostrates or infected sexual organs and are in need of operations. Why is it that this is not so and only some people come down with this disease? The amazing fact is that in many cases there is a complex interaction of lineages linked with the indemnity of ancestors, the mistakes of individuals or the mistakes of husband and wife. The medical world will say that this is craziness. But I have no choice but to make the facts clear.

Let’s take an example. In hell there is a horrible sight of many people who have come to spirit world after suffering from various diseases while they were on earth. I will describe one of these cases. It is a situation where a man and woman committed adultery together. The man deceived his wife and the woman deceived her husband. They led this life for a number of years, and over time the man developed a disease on his sexual organ so that it became impossible for him to have conjugal relations. The woman became more and more distant from the man. So two women turned against this man and this caused various problems. As a result of these problems the man finally murdered the woman with whom he had committed adultery. In hell this man and this woman sit together facing each other as enemies. The lower portion of the man’s body is resting on a piece of meat about the size of a baby’s head and the woman, even in this environment, is touching the lower portion of his body. The man is in incredible pain. That is not all. Even though the man is crying out in agony because of his pain, his father is sitting behind him and playing with prostitutes. The father continues to sit with the prostitutes, even though he is afraid that his son may see him. It is a difficult sight to watch and I am having difficulty putting it into writing. This is exactly how Lucifer avoided God’s eyes and committed illicit love in the Garden of Eden, thus creating the root of sin. How can people on earth understand such things?

I intend to reveal everything about the terrible and vicious lineage of Lucifer. In this way I intend to liberate all the diseased spirits who have been imprisoned by Lucifer.

March 10, 1999

5. Diseases of the Circulatory System

There are many diseases of the circulatory system but here I will discuss heart disease. The heart is a very important part of the human body. Every time a person breathes the heart functions as a pump in order to maintain the life of the human body. It is an organ that is easily put under a great deal of stress by the thoughts that are in the mind of the particular person.

All the parts of the body are inter-linked so that if one part breaks down then there is apt to be a chain reaction to other parts. A heart can easily develop a disease as a result of sadness or joy of the person. In addition, excessive eating of meat or drinking beverages that have a high content of alcohol can also lead to blockage of the arteries of the heart. I have already described how the medical world views diseases. I would like to describe from a spiritual perspective a process that leads to a person developing heart disease. Lucifer or people on his side cannot stand to leave human beings alone. If a person tries to live comfortably, then Lucifer works to torment him.

Lucifer and his cohorts are always putting worries into people’s hearts, or giving them insecurity and fear, leading them into needless thoughts turning them into alcoholics or just giving them all kinds of pain. In this way they give insecurity and discomfort to the heart. If a person’s heart is under stress for several days and then some terrible incident occurs, a person may die from the shock. The heart stops beating. A person who is under a lot of stress for many days may be able to recover by taking heart medicine. He needs to lie down so that his heart can rest and be stable. It becomes more difficult for the heart to function. The problem becomes even worse if a person is overweight.

A person who is not able to control his heart condition must live his entire life under a death sentence and be very careful. Therefore, we need to receive help from modern medicine and return to our positions as people of faith so that we can have confidence and courage for restoring our own health. A most precious gift that God gave us is love. We must realize this so that we can love each other and respect each other. We must be joyful and harmonize with each other and share the work with each other in all circumstances. We must seek to resolve all problems through faith and love. In this way I hope that we can be liberated from a state of being pulled around by Lucifer and take on a form where we are filled with hope for God our Father and can cure ourselves of all diseases.

Here I would like to tell one more story about the situation in hell. This is a story about a woman whose body is bloated like a mountain. She always wishes that she could lose all her excess weight so that she could walk around with a light body. She wants to be liberated from her worries. She is so heavy, though, that she cannot walk and she needs people to help her stand up.

On earth this woman was very rich. But because of her wealth her mind was never at ease. She was so concerned with managing her wealth that she never slept well at night. She caused a lot of hurt to other people in the process of gathering that wealth. Many of her neighbors and siblings became her enemies because of this wealth. In the end she died from heart failure due to her wealth. When she wants to stand up she will ask the person next to her to help her. But the person says, “You’re so rich, why don’t you hire a servant? Why do you make us work for you?” They only curse her and refuse to help. How long will she have to receive this punishment? She has been there a long time but God only watches.

As children of God, heart diseases on earth are not the problem we need to worry about. We need to be more concerned about the fact that a wrongful life on earth will lead us to a place called hell and that this place is causing great burden to God’s heart and to True Parents. We must come to our senses as mature people of faith who can be liberated from Lucifer’s temptations. We must discover where all desires and false glory come from and we have to deal with these ourselves.

*Mrs. Kim, now that I have told you that all diseases come from Lucifer, you may think that you understand everything about their causes and that everything is easy now. But that is not the case. It’s not easy to get rid of Lucifer and his cohorts. They continue to hold on to people and attack them until they fall into a trap. This is why Lucifer and his attributes are so evil.

* The work became so difficult for me that I asked for help from Heung Jin Nim, Choong Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and other people who I understand are praying. Dr. Lee told me, “During the time that you are transcribing this, all these people are around you in a circle about 20 to 30 meters in diameter and they are praying for you.”

March 11, 1999

6. Diseases of the Respiratory System

All parts of the human body are important. When God created human beings He thought very carefully about how each part of the body should be constructed. If you look inside the human body, everything is connected like in a computer or other electronic device.

God first created a very detailed design of the human body right down to the smallest part and studied each part very carefully. He created us as organic and mysterious beings. Lucifer led the way in destroying all of God’s creatures and then he has the audacity to repeatedly act as though God’s creation itself is a failure.

Today I will talk about the lungs which are most central to the respiratory system. Human beings cannot go a single day, no, not even a single moment, without breathing. Breakdowns in the respiratory system may be caused by pollution from the surrounding environment, that is, germs, viruses, various types of environmental pollution, dust from factories, chalk dust in school, or from excessive fatigue. The human body will break down if it is treated too harshly. This is what the medical field refers to as diseases of the respiratory system.

I would like to talk about the causes of disease that cannot be seen by the physical eye. Some disease is caused by spiritual germs, in other words, by Lucifer’s cruel actions. People’s bodies can become ill as a result of physical causes, but there are also many causes where Lucifer grabs onto the respiratory system and torments people. In such an instance treatment is easy if the person understands at an early stage that he is being attacked by Lucifer and his cohorts. With most respiratory diseases the person will have a high fever at an early stage in the disease or else there will be a low fever over a long period. We first should go to a doctor and treat the fever. The problem is that there are cases where medicine has no effect. At first it seems the fever goes away but then it comes again and then the body breaks down somewhere. The person suffers psychologically, physically and financially.

The strange thing is that this disease will move from one place in the body to another. Sometimes there may be a cough; other times it may be a fever. When this happens we avoid the outside air and stay inside. We rest and stay in bed for a long period. Sometimes the symptoms appear in the form of typhoid fever. This disease deprives a person of his spiritual strength. It makes him afraid of the disease and weakens his psychological health. The person suffers from a lack of desire and confidence as a result of torment from this disease.

Especially diseases of the respiratory system can be communicated from one person to another by talking with other people. If a person comes down with tuberculosis, even their spouses and children have to be quarantined. Lucifer and his cohorts have the most fun with these diseases. They can isolate a person and then attack him at will, so they like this disease very much.

From the time people are born, they have no way to deal with these diseases. This is because we are in a blood relationship with Lucifer and he is always with us as if he were our shadow. That is why be is the enemy. Let us look at an example in hell that has to do with this type of disease. There is a woman who lived in a very wealthy family when she was on earth. Somehow this woman was betrayed by a man she loved. The psychological torment that resulted in this incident led her to develop tuberculosis. Worry and anxiety damage the lungs. These are most fundamental attributes of Lucifer so Lucifer went to that woman and made her worry more and exacerbated her illness. Modem medicine says that tuberculosis is not a major problem and that cancer is the most fearful disease. Most fearful thing, however, is the attacks that people receive from Lucifer and his cohorts. There is no medicine for this. There is no treatment for such disease.

In the past, people who developed tuberculosis were placed in quarantine. In this isolated state people became weaker psychologically and often died so this disease was feared very much. Even though I studied medicine while I was on earth, I didn’t understand this fact.

In the midst of hell I thought a great deal about how to deal with these situations but the column of people marching to hell grows by the day. People on earth will have to deal with this fact on their own.

The woman I mentioned suffered from tuberculosis until finally she committed suicide and went to hell. The spirit people around her treat her coldly because they say she is a patient who suffers from lung disease. When she coughs they tell her to go away. Even if she turns her head toward them, they say, “Go over there.” When she breathes, they tell her to breathe with her mouth closed. The people around her shout out for her to be removed to a place of quarantine.

God is our Parent and he created each part of our body to have a very mysterious structure. So we can imagine that it pains Him deeply to see how people’s bodies have become diseased. Fathers who raised children on earth are greatly disturbed even if their child catches a cold. So how much more must God hurt to see these pitiful situations where people develop a disease and die without reason. All diseases have their cause in Lucifer. Diseases will continue to haunt people until Lucifer repents on earth. All of us should clench the fists of both hands and participate in the effort to get rid of diseases. Let’s not wait for our Parents to do it for us. Let’s offer our strength to God and True Parents.

March 12, 1999

7. Diseases of the Nervous System

Because modem people live in the age of extreme competition, they quite often make the nervous system overwork by agony without any reason. However, this disease of the nervous system is different from that of physical body. Without any reason, you will experience pain in some parts or have a very high fever. Since the causes of these pains are invisible, it takes time to find its source.

The uniqueness of this disease of the nervous system is that it is not easily healed once one gets it. They have various names, such as depression, mental derangement, etc. What is the cause of depression? People get depression when they are in deep agony, when their lives are not joyful and cannot escape from the circulation of painful life. One of the diseases of the nervous system, is called mental derangement, but this is clearly different from depression. It is unique to the patients of diseases of the nervous system to want to be isolated from and hate others; but the patients of mental derangement cannot fully express what they have in their mind. Therefore, their viewpoint of things becomes different from others. The patients of depression are gloomy, but they can correctly express their thought, and their view of looking at things are the same as normal people.

Then, what causes the mental derangement? There are various causes, but in general, people get this disease when they become over focused on one thought or get shocked without their realization. Anyway, it is the general view of modern medicine that the disease of nervous system such as depression and mental derangement are incurable diseases.

Next, I will talk about the disease of the nervous system that is seen from the spiritual perspective. I would like to say that the depression and mental derangement are spiritually the same type of disease. The common habit of the Lucifer’s followers is that they always abuse a person’s body and mind, lead them to sickness, and eventually to the way of death. This is their common characteristic.

They, unfortunately stick to human beings and plunge them into concern and anxiousness, isolate and damage them, and make them become dispirited by mentioning their weakness and leading them to the thought of , “I am terrible, I am stupid, I am not womanish, I am not manlike, etc.” Then, they would sometimes put them down or keep people with such symptoms from progressing. They paralyze people by capturing them in an inferiority complex causing them to lose confidence. By doing so, they make people distressful and miserable, and lead them to commit suicide. Anthropophobia is 100% the act of evil that they give people. They make people to get the disease of extreme selfishness and make them to aim for the first place (the top). However, when people fail, they push them down into despair as one who rode the last train of his life. Loneliness, feeling of isolation, feeling of sorrow, sense of humiliation, feeling of despair, and so forth, symptoms which occur without any reason are all the disease that Lucifer and his people are giving to people.

When this happens, human beings will lose confidence in their mental health, give up everything in their life, and because they cannot determine the purpose and the goal of their lives, eventually they can’t help but go the way of committing suicide. This is not all. Being angry and antagonizing others without any reason is the same type of symptom. Lucifer’s people make mankind suffer from fear and anxiety, and always leads the entire family towards fear and darkness, and create the family with a frightening and anxious atmosphere where peace does not exist, and eventually lead the family to misfortune rather than happiness because of continuous struggle and friction. All these acts are the acts of Lucifer and his people. How can I express these types of symptoms with word?

To the worst, they completely wrap the human brain so it cannot function. They bruise the brain so much that the mental function cannot be used correctly. They lead people to insomnia by making them think deeper and deeper on one issue. Since they tie up the mental function, sleep will disappear, and because one cannot sleep, it is obvious that one would continuously suffer from anxiety.

This anxiety is one of the characteristics that Lucifer had at the time of his affair with Eve escaping from God’s eyes, and such characteristics have been inherited by mankind. It is a common factor that most of the people who suffer from mental difficulty become captivated by anxiety, fear, and fright. We can see many people around us suffering from anxiety and fear.

8. Types of Skin Diseases

After all parts of the human body are minutely bound up and well-assembled, this structure is well surrounded by a sheer, so-called skin. In it, God created a physiological flow, and was delighted to watch human beings. Human beings have various skin colors. If we divide them broadly, they can be divided into races of yellow, white and black. However, apart from these skin colors, certain changes in the skin appear in the form of various diseases. Without reference to the external phenomena of the skin, that is, skin deformities resulting from a fire or a break, its internal phenomena can result in many skin diseases.

Various inflammations of the skin can be clarified by specialists. However, amazingly, these often result from the action of Lucifer’s evil nature. When we go to see doctors because of a skin disease, they might treat it by giving us an injection and advising us to take medicine to prevent its inflammation. Such treatment may or may not be effective.

I now want to talk about a scene in the spiritual world concerning a skin disease, although it is invisible. You might have experienced your skin becoming inflamed without reason, becoming red and swollen, and feeling cold. At such time, Lucifer and his allies attack in many forms the place where it became red, swollen and inflamed. They cause it to become itchy, stinging, and swollen more seriously. If it was well-treated with many injections in a hospital, it might become well or it might not.

One thing we must realize at this point. Lucifer and his allies always desire for mankind to suffer, and lead them in such a direction. You are apt to think that skin disease is not related to Satan. But I say that’s not true. Since Satan attempts to lead mankind into suffering, even when it comes to trivial inflammations or a tiny swelling which you may think is nothing, it is wrong to think that Lucifer does not interfere. In any case, it is Lucifer’s nature to lead mankind to suffering. Therefore, we must remember this clearly.

I want to make a film involving scenes from hell and show it to all of you. In the spiritual world, a disgusting liquid flows from the skin. This liquid smells terrible, worse than the smell of a terribly rotten fish at a fish market, and your nostrils are filled with the stench when you go near them.

When you listen to their various circumstances which have resulted from not being able to straighten out their earthly life, there are all kinds of reasons given, such as one was robbed of his money during their small business, one wasted all their fortune in quarrelling with a knife, and so forth. However, their suffering and difficulty appear as various skin diseases in hell. Therefore, in order to give suffering to mankind, there is not even a single corner where Lucifer does not attack.

It is Lucifer’s attack which makes them become malfunctioning, suffering, and miserable. From now on, we should stop being attacked. We should forever chase out the criminal of mankind by cooperating together with the same heavenly anger and uniting our minds. This is my earnest hope.

9. Types of Women’s Diseases

Women’s diseases are those diseases which cannot afflict a man. Diseases of the uterus (both inside and outside), a woman’s menstrual period, breast cancer, etc. belong here. Although I do not list all the diseases that obstetricians and gynecologists normally deal with, I believe that you will know them well, so I will start my story without an introduction.

Satan even gives countless troubles through his involvement with various women’s diseases. For example, it is a baby that a normal woman wants the most when she is married. However, Lucifer and his allies try to hinder mankind in the area of multiplication. So, there are some women who barely give birth to a child after experiencing miscarriages over and over again. Also, although they are pregnant, through countless difficulties of environmental and physical pain, eventually Lucifer is able to make them give up and abort their babies. Let me present an example.

A woman got pregnant. However, thousands of satans and her ancestors combine their powers into one in order to strike and afflict her body in various ways such as tearing down her womb, or discharging blood through her uterus. Then, why do her ancestors not help her but rather than adding to her suffering? This could be because of the indemnity of the sin that her ancestors committed during their earthly life, and/or if they come when their situation is orienting them towards hell, the woman’s physical body is meant to be destroyed and the multiplication of her children will be stopped.

Then, why do her ancestors cooperate with Satan? It is because they are of the same sort. Although her un-restored ancestors want to help her, when they visit her, it ends in giving her trouble. This is why she cannot be successful at all. At this point, we must learn a lesson. Tribal Messiahs have to save their ancestors. They have to release them through prayer. This is time not only for ancestors in the spiritual world, but also for earthly ancestors as well.

Since their place is not settled, the ancestors ask for salvation. They can be saved and freed by any special figure. There might be a large number of our ancestors. True Parents therefore gave the privilege of Tribal Messiahs, or those who can save their own ancestors. Therefore, we, as Tribal Messiahs, can save our ancestors through our direct prayer. However, we are short on faith. We must believe the word and pray deeply for them.

Therefore, since not only the diseases of women, but all diseases are caused by and have their origin in Satan, we must know their treatment and treat them. Now, I want to refer to a scene in hell concerning women’s diseases.

A young woman died while giving birth to a child. However, she always weeps embracing her baby. I asked the reason because both the baby and its mother cried. The baby’s father was not a bachelor, but a married man. So, she really didn’t want to give birth, but it was too late and she was unable to prevent giving birth. The legal wife of the baby’s father visited her and asked her to leave him many times, even beating her. However, the young woman stood as long as possible, but finally she died because of her difficult delivery. Here is one point we must know: what she did was not a true way.

When she realized that she could not take someone else’s husband, she had to change her direction. Who, then, could think about spiritual difficulties? If it is not truth, it is meant to break down someday, and if it is not a proper way, it is meant to be blocked. This is the “Heavenly Law” that God created.

When it is said that one will be punished when one commits a sin, it is not that the punishment is given by someone. It is that you will destroy yourself. This is the law. Because God is good, He created goodness when He created human beings. God did not create evil. God’s omnipotence is able to govern the good. He therefore does not interfere in evil. Then, will the evil flourish forever if He does not interrupt it? Although God may not interrupt, someday it is meant to self-destroy. This is “Heavenly Law.” Now is the time. This means that God’s waiting must come to an end now.

We all must quickly change our direction if it is not right. If the way of return becomes far, to that extent the way for our descendants will become difficult. Sin is the cause of all diseases. Selfishness, jealousy, and greed all become the cause of disease. In front of God, the owner of love, beauty, and heart (shimjung), I pray with my two hands held together that we will return to our original appearance.

March 14, 99

10. The disease of the type of Otorhinolaryngology

There is no invaluable part in the structure of our body. But unfortunately there are various types of diseases in otorhinolaryngology. Everyone can easily understand the names of the diseases even though I don’t enumerate them one by one. In this letter, rather than talk about the various diseases which can be seen in hospitals on earth, I would like to talk about the spiritual phenomena that continuously give us pain spiritually but we cannot see with our eyes.

It is easy to check and cure those diseases which can be seen with our eyes. But it is very hard to endure the attack of invisible spiritual beings. When my neck is strangled or attacked by Satan, the neck gets hoarse or husky. Without knowing the cause, Satan gives various types of suffering to human beings by making them hear some noise and makes them frustrated, and by making them sneeze terribly, by stepping on their nose.

When we go to the hospital, miraculously the names of the diseases are given to every part of the body. It is very exquisite. Since God is the Lord of knowledge, emotion and will, as well as the owner of the origin of the universe, He blessed the many kinds of medical science on earth. Though countless children suffer seriously, God would not let them die easily with the rag of sin. Since God wanted human beings to heal and clear off their sins on earth and come to the heavenly world without sin, medical science developed.

However, nowadays, most people only think to go to the hospital when they catch a disease and suffer from it. This is the general way of thinking of modern people. There are only a few people who think that it is caused by Satan. This creates a pain in the heart (shimjung) of God. This is because Satan acts with the thought that it is his mission to make mankind suffer. Whatever the disease may be, it occurs because Satan attacks human beings. It is not that Satan attacks because we have some reasons or conditions, but he just touches us. Therefore we must know that the solution lies in our belief and in our sincere heart (jungsung). Although God gave mankind the ability and privilege, because of the fall, we are cut off from the ways of love and harmony. The longer the period of being cut off continues, the more the function of our five sensory organs will become just like a rusted machine. As a result, we won’t be able to fully use the function of our five sensory organs.

In hell, there are many scenes. There is a dumb person who cannot speak even though he has a mouth, and a deaf person who cannot hear even though he has ears; there are countless spiritual beings who have been living without the function of their auditory sense and/or the sense of smell. It is extremely terrible. Why has it happened? When would this end? I want to bum out this ghastly place and change it into a new area wherein fresh flowers bloom. However we don’t have any ability or any qualification.

God in Heaven and True Parents on earth are the only persons who can solve this problem. Therefore, we must think about punishment in the eternal place when we live wrongly on earth, and must realize that we have responsibility to return to God all God’s given functions in the original state after keeping and using them well without being plundered by Satan. We should be well separated from Satan’s acts and must go the way of faith rightly. We must participate in the movement of expulsion of the line of Satan with the heart of wrath.

March 14, 1999

11. Other diseases

Besides the diseases that have been mentioned earlier, there are many other disease whose names are not known by human beings. We must know the origin of these diseases and must be able to research and analyze them thoroughly. Human beings are not created to go to the place where God’s heart hurts, by suffering and battling from disease.

Because of the wrong start to history and the inheritance of the blood lineage of evil, many primary factors occurred that allowed various diseases to attack our body. Whether the disease is visible or invisible, so called spiritual disease or physical disease, the suffering of human beings is not filial piety to God. From now we should not allow our body to be abused by Satan. Throughout the long history of mankind, Lucifer and his followers has pursued us indefatigably to attack and harass us. Even though we knew this, we easily gave our physical body over and we collapsed easily. This is extremely heartbreaking.

We must completely root out Satan from our heart in this, the year of the complete rooting out of Satan. We must try to root out the factor or cause of Satan. We must root it out completely through a whole straightening out of all the suffering caused by Satan. The way of filial piety to God and True Parents is to participate in the eradication movement of the factors and causes in our thinking that might give Satan the way to attack us.

March 14, 1999

Chapter III - Life on Earth and the Treatment of Diseases

1. Life on Earth Leading to Hell

Although we may not see the death of countless people as days pass by, God suffers from His children’s pain, and lives His life filled with a deep sigh and bitterness. There are large groups of people. We cannot even tell what kinds of sin they committed or where they came from. There are people with their eyeballs lost, people with their legs cut, people with their mouth exploded, people with their mouth twisted, people with none of their intestines; healthy, but exploded and hung down. There are people with their every finger bent and twisted, and their eyeballs popped out and hung down, people with their arms but seem as stagnant, people with their hair pulled and exploded head, people with their legs stuck together and cannot walk, people with their feet but cannot function for they are curled up. How can I express all these with words?

These cruel and miserable appearances themselves are none other than God’s children. Nevertheless, since they come to this spiritual world and stay in the situation of their spirit being stepped on, being ill, and being destroyed by Satan, how would God’s heart (shimjung) be for He cannot help but to simply watch His children?

There is nothing to console or express such a heart of God (shimjung). Try to imagine how would your heart be when you saw your children showing up in such a situation. This is all a result of what Lucifer, Satan, has done until now. We must think why God has endured and waited until now. Why has God waited? Why has God only watched? Why has God been so cruel and heartless? Why did God allow the miserable situation of His children to be displayed just as something to be seen in an exhibition? We must sympathize with this sorrowful history of misfortune.

In the thousands years of long history, it is the history of providence of restoration that God has awaited for His true child to appear to share Heavenly Father’s name. Who will restore this history? Who will save this mankind? You must remember that God and True Parents, once again, must straighten out this tragedy. You must remember this deeply. With what kind of heart (shimjung) would you treat your children, when your physical children return to your bosom in such an appearance? In front of the heart (shimjung), you must offer the service of repentance to God and True Parents. How would you do?

I decided today’s title as “The Life on Earth Which Leads to Hell.” Please, I beg you, from now on, we must eradicate this secular life which leads us to Hell. We must come to the spiritual world after completely cleaning up our wrong life on earth. When you come to this place, there are no medicines or people who will treat your mistakes. This means, you must treat every mistake on earth since there are medicines and hospitals. Don’t think that there are medicines in front of God and True Parents.

There is nothing free in this place. Even my wife, my husband, my parents, my children would not express any generosity. No can avoid the Heavenly Law. Would the spring come when you shout out “Oh, I don’t like winter! Spring! Come quick!”? Just as this is the creation of God, we must make the way of life on our own. Before the way that we have created, there is no method or medicine. We must solve the problem on our own.

In conclusion, because we come to the spiritual world as we lived wrongly on earth, in many aspects, we must live our daily life by reflecting and organizing. Who alive on the earth knows when one will go to the spiritual world? This is why, you must live your life cleanly, arranging everything with the attitude that you will not feel any shame whenever you may go to heaven. The arrangement and the norm of the life are the teaching of the Principle. You must remember the fact that the spiritual world exists without any doubt, that your descendants will be punished if you commit sin, that God is alive. You must live your life by remembering what would I bring before God?

March 17, 1999

2. Life on Earth Leading to Kingdom of Heaven

God created human beings as His children, and wanted to live together with them in joy and happiness. Human beings are created as an object of joy before God. However, until now, the lives of mankind have not been the object of joy before God, and the relationship of parents and children became lonely, solitary, and extremely sad in the life of God. This is the world neither God nor mankind desired. Therefore, imagine God’s circumstance in God’s life until the dawning of the Completed Testament Age with the appearance of True Parents. It is not that God simply came until now by chance, but God awaited for a long time overcoming the carving pain on flesh and bones.

After True Parents emerge, we must think what is our task. We were all who would take a train for hell. However, how fortunate we are to be born in this good era. If any choice was given to us to take a train either for hell or heaven, the train for heaven must have been full. This is why, we cannot either take the train for heaven or hell as we wish. Our prosperous life and heavenly fortune came in front us. We must deeply think how we could dare to be born in the age of True Parents, and how we could attend and love True Parents.

What more fortune our life could there be since we can do to prevent us from going to hell by only follow True Parents? As we attend True Parents, we often cannot discover that our life has the happiest value and the most fortune in the same sense as it is darkness just under the lamp. We must reflect whether or not we sometimes missed and dreamed about the brightly shinning light in other’ house in a distance. We must think and reflect whether or not we misjudged the life on earth as our eternal place although we must come to the spiritual world, the eternal place, after a short life on earth.

According to the directions of our lives, our houses are being built in heaven every day. However, my home in heaven is being built and destroyed, but that in hell has been rebuilt number of times for it being so bored. Then, where would be my place to live in the spiritual world if my earthly life ends before my house in the spiritual world hasn’t begun to be build? If so, we will be a wandering spirit and wander from place to place. As we believe and attend True Parents, we must solemnly lower our heads before our internal attitude of our lives, and think and think about our attitude standing out in front of God. If you feel something unpleasant, it is the sound of your conscience. So, ask your inner person. If you hear the sound of a defender who defense your feeling, you must cruelly hammer it down. You must shout out “You, the defender who destroys us, leave from us.”

Let’s build our house where we will live eternally beside God where entire creation will sing and dance together in a sunny spring of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let’s build our eternal place on top of a hill where there is no anxiety but over filled with laughter and happiness, where we can embrace and liberate our han freely in the bosom of God who we missed the most.

March 17, 1999

3. Relationship between God and Humans (Ancestor Relationship)

How joyful would it be if all mankind could stay in God’s dwelling place after living on earth together? However, we cannot do anything about the Heavenly Law of God. When God created man, He created the human being as the most loving sons and daughters. But would God want to send some of His loving children to Heaven and the other to Hell? Wouldn’t it be God’s heart (shimjung) that He wants to bring and watch all loving children beside Him?

However, because of the wrong commencement of history, two locations and places for two owners came into being, and the law that God could not take part in came about. Therefore, inevitably, sorrow and darkness occupied the background of history. What can we do about it? God, even, cannot know what to do about this law. That is why disease, war, and poverty arose and the spiritual world became dirty and complicated in the stream of immemorial history. So, God could not help but to turn around from there.

Therefore, we human beings have sought the way through the teaching of religion in such complications and circumstances, and made an effort to listen to the voice of conscience in order to live properly. And we must know always and clearly that the relationship between God and Man is fate. We must understand God’s parental heart (shimjung) that He cannot interfere with His loving children who are living in suffering and difficulty. This is all because of Lucifer, Satan. It is because of the existence of the blood lineage of Satan who has acted as an owner in God’s place.

Who can interfere with this? We must direct our attention to our mind and body clearly. We know these factors very well through the Divine Principle. We also learned through countless episodes of education on the spiritual world by True Parents. So, all of you must practice what you have learned from the teaching of the Principle.

We, as children of God, must help God and True Parents. How can we save the numerous ancestors who cannot get out from hell? Are we going to wait until True Parents or God begins to act for us? True Parents gave us a great privilege, which is Tribal Messiahship. Shout out to God! Shout out loud and beg earnestly to God by saying “God, please save our ancestors. Please save our ancestors who are suffering in hell.” It will be Lucifer, Satan, who would give ear to your shouting more than I anyone else.

If so, Lucifer would become painful. An outcry of liberation will echo from several places. At that time, God can accept His children unconditionally. Lonely God! Lonesome God! God will deeply embrace His children barefoot even though they have broken and crooked mouth, ear, and nose, even though they became bruised, and even though they are like a defeated troop with double cranes returning from the battlefield. Our God and True Parents will say, “my missed children, my poor children!”, and will console us with Their embrace, dress us, put us to sleep, and will keep patting us.

We, as children, must liberate Gods’ lonely heart (shimjung). With our prayer, outcries will burst out liberating hell and echoing. Then we can save our ancestors. In that time, because there will be not even one single person suffering in hell, we don’t need to pray an unpleasant prayer. If there is such a person, please shout! Please shout confidently, “God, I don’t have sin. God, I will not go to hell.” All of us are born with the relationship of father and son in front of God and True Parents. Therefore, we must liberate parents. That is nothing but through our right life and prayer.

March 17, 1999

4. Treatment of All Disease

If human beings get, disease, they become painful, difficult and troublesome both physically and spiritually. So they must be treated both spiritually and physically. That is God’s desire. For the happiness of we, humankind, that disease must be treated without a doubt. How can it be treated? The origination of all disease is only one. The fundamental cause is because of sin. Therefore, we must clean up this sin. Through indemnification of our ancestors’ sin, we have to treat this by analyzing what has the seed of sin, such as greed, envy and jealousy, and so forth.

If we raise the roots and buds of sin, then, disease will be attached to it. Furthermore, to treat it, we will experience difficulty by losing our properties. You will be the first to intuitively understand the cause of your disease. Why did it come about? We cannot avoid the indemnification of our ancestors; because it is connected to blood lineage, so inevitably we must encounter it. There is no such a foolish person who encounters it by doing nothing because of an ancestors’ sin. At first, we must pray for ancestors and carry on our right life and must become the Messiah in front of our ancestors. Modern medicine is what God blessed. So we have to treat all disease wisely, and through a compromising way. So I earnestly desire you to come to God as matured believers, with managing your wise life, happy life, without suffering disease in your earthly life.

March 17, 1999

Chapter IV - Root of Sin and the Path that Humankind Should Go

1. Root of Sin (Essence of Sin)

The original root of sin is the same as is revealed in the Divine Principle. The origin (essence) of sin I want to talk about today is what all humans have contracted. This is an extremely painful thing. What a feeling of mistreatment we have based on the fact that we were born with sin although we were created by God. God has been waiting until His beloved children return to their true position, coming not from a parental position, but from the situation of having had to live in a corner room because of being seized by a servant against His desire. We must remember that, with countless vicissitudes, God is our parent.

Now we must fundamentally be aware of each of these deadly pains and must live our lives with the faith that we will go directly in front of God by straightening all these issues out when we go to the spiritual world. This is the same as it is with the married life of a wife and husband. Don’t live a separate life wherein a wife lives in Heaven and her husband lives in hell. You must live a married life in such a way that you would have the feeling that whoever went to Heaven first would wait, with a heart full of jungsung, for the other to join them in a well-prepared tidy house.

Since the root of our sin is what we received from Satan, we must live our lives looking into our true selves by receiving forgiveness and straightening ourselves in front of True Parents if there is any need. We must be freed in every circumstance, not only in the life of a couple, but in every horizontal human relationship as well. There is no one who wins over death. Those who receive the highest treatment in the highest position, those who, in their arrogance and haughtiness, impose or wield power and name over every man by ignoring them are not qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The essence of sin has nothing to do with True Love. The essence of sin is the way of self-centered thought, is hatred rather than love, is rather antagonism rather than hatred; furthermore, it is the mind that can commit murder.

We must know that God has not held any antagonism against all these, not even once, but has awaited patiently.

In front of every organization, company, and others, output my self within every person’s heart and judge first. Put myself in such position and frankly judge. In the position, see what is the score and accept it cruelly. By doing so, you must live your daily life by marking a circle, a triangle, and an X. Then, score yourself on the last day of 365 days. You must count what is the total number of circles, triangles, and X's. If your X's are 70%, you must restart your life. If you come to be in such a situation, you must realize that you have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore must do your best to prepare it. Why are you so frantic for a 30 pyong (1 pyong = 3.954 sq. yds.), 40 pyong, or 50 pyong residential area, a decent size of land, and to have luxurious cars? Why are you so stingy about preparing 100 pyong for a castle in the eternal world? The visible world is a place through which we are simply passing by, so 20 pyong of area will be enough. Therefore, I think it is important for us to pour our entire energy into building a castle where we will live eternally.

What is sin? It is that humankind is living apart from God. We must separate ourselves externally from that which caused us to stray from God. We cannot help from being born with mistreatment. From now on, however, we must completely restore ourselves to the position as children of God centering on the content of all the teachings of True Parents. We must strongly maintain the position. We must become a strong rock that will not shake in any strong thunderstorm. Standing in the top position, let’s shout out, let’s cry out “I have no relationship with sin. As a child of God, I will live with my pledge of filial piety, loyalty, and virtue in front of True Parents. My life and my glory are all God’s, and True Parents’” until we lose our voice. Then, we must live our daily lives carving this cry on the rock of our hearts everyday until we lose our voice. By doing so, we must live humbly, heading toward the highest place by completely cutting off and rooting out any relationship with Satan.

We must cut out the root and the bud of sin on our own and, in that position, we must build our eternal home of rest where we can sing and dance by attending God and True Parents. Please remember that the path of cleansing the root of sin forever and ever must be prepared on the earth.

March 20, 1999

2. True Parents of Heaven and Earth

We, mankind, were born with the original element of sin. This, we call the original sin. It is God who has patiently waited and waited for such a long period of time in order to cleanse this sin. Although God has patiently waited over the course of a long period, He did not just wait blindly for it to pass. God had prepared the blood lineage of True Parents and sent True Parents to the earth to give rebirth to all mankind through the blood lineage. In the process, God engaged in a gruesome battle of bloodshed against Satan. Throughout countless vicissitudes against Satan, God protected the blood lineage of True Parents.

We don’t realize that we arc so fortunate to have been born in such a wonderful time period. We don’t know the value of it. Think about what the heart (shimjung) of God would be sending our True Parents. Three hours of darkness of Jesus on the Cross and the periods of True Father’s life in prison were ravaging themselves on God’s heart (shimjung). Who in the world would understand such a heart? Think about the parental heart (shimjung) of God of having to simply watch anxiously, without being able to do anything for His son when Satan was attacking True Father like the attack of a swarm of bees.

Imagine that your son is standing across the frozen Han River. In order to meet your son, you must walk over the frozen water. The ice is cracking here and there, and even broken in pieces, but as the parent you must walk over it. How would your heart be in such a half-dead situation, in a crucible? God has been protecting True Parents by being patient, and with an even greater pain than that. Countless religious people, countless religious leaders have walked innumerable paths of suffering, striving to pioneer the path of goodness, to lead mankind to the path of deliverance from sin. Absolutely their suffering will not become meaningless. However, God alone is the only parent of mankind, and the creator.

God waits expectantly for all of us to live in one place by attending one parent. If Satan did not exist, the separation of religions would not have happened. All religious leaders and pioneers desire that we all love each other in the same place in front of God.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth! Man man-sei (ten thousand times more of ten thousand years: eternity) for Heaven and Earth! We must be able to say, “We are so grateful that God has protected True Father’s eighty-years of life. We are so grateful that we were able to live our lives by holding onto True Father’s eighty-year life.” Now let’s sing, dance, and run, embracing each other attending our eighty-year old True Parents of Heaven and Earth for eternity. God man-sei! True Parents man-sei! Our Unification Church members man-sei! Entire mankind man-sei! We must pray that our True Parents of Heaven and Earth may have a long, healthy life. We must sing hallelujah when True Parents come to this world. We must attend True Parents well for the eternal reign, until the completion of the castle. We must attend well until all humankind is saved.

I felt a number of times that God did not know how to express His heart in front of True Father. The appearance of God not knowing how to express His gratitude toward the son, True Parents’ suffering, but getting excited was very tearful and pitiable. We all must think about how to attend True Parents. How could you understand my situation in this world wherein I cannot see True Father’s holy face no matter how widely I open my eyes?

However it is the sincere request of Sang Hun Lee who came to this world first, to live a life of observance to God in the appearance of True Parents of Heaven and Earth doing their duty of filial piety in front of God. This is why I truly wish that we all must well believe and attend True Parents and live happily together in this place. I wish we all can meet here where God dwells.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth man man-sei! Our Unification Church members man man-sei! Mankind of the world man man-sei!

March 20, 1999

3. The Life of Sang Hun Lee

Originally my family was Confucianist. I benefited from a good environment in which I inherited an intellectual capacity from my parents. Therefore I graduated from medical school and became a doctor of internal medicine. My original plan was to engage in analysis of and research on the human body. So at medical school I concentrated on the study of detailed parts of the human body, but it was the question of the existence of God which remained always in the bottom of my heart. What is the nature of the world after death to which all mankind is destined to go and what is the purpose and method of creation since we are told that God created man? These kinds of questions were very new and curious for me. I realized that the mentality of a man cannot be controlled. The queries on man’s thought, intellect, ideology, and so forth were serious issues for me. It is possible to study the parts of the physical body since they are visible, but no matter how hard I thought and studied, I could not find the answer as to the nature of my inner person. These questions resulted in my having serious torments. Mentally. I eventually came to the point of not wanting to live because of the emptiness inside. After quite some time after that, I came to know Reverend Sun Myung Moon and studied the Divine Principle of our True Parents. My joy at that time was even greater than what I would have felt had I possessed the entire world.

The more I studied the Divine Principle and analyzed it closely, the more it became the source of enormous life elements and energy. After analyzing its various dimensions in more detail, I realized that it was an incredibly great truth. My life began to completely turn around from this moment. I couldn’t help being surprised at the change of myself from only wanting to be buried to deeply analyzing this Divine Principle, putting all other desires away. As I analyzed the Principle, it seemed that every cell of my body became alive. With the hope that everybody might accept this Principle as soon as possible, and with the hope that this Principle would soon appear to the world as a good theory which could provide direction for the thought of countless numbers of intellectuals, I lived my earthly life analyzing and studying the Principle in its various aspects.

There is only one reason that I speak about such a title as “The Life of Sang Hun Lee” at this time. In my life there are only True Parents, both on earth and in the spiritual world. My only purpose is to testify to True Parents by gathering all of my life, my thought, my knowledge and my study. I am not an earthly person. All I want is to tell you this by borrowing one weak woman’s hand and betting my life. What are we so afraid of in our lives? In the history of God’s providence, there is no greater man than True Parents, and there is no more glorious man than True Parents. You are all seeing True Parents only with your physical eyes. When we see Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the spiritual world, all creation flutters and the light shines in every direction along with his every movement. So, we cannot see Rev. Sun Myung Moon surrounded by such light. When the wrinkled skin of his holy face moves, the light of blood rolls down in between the wrinkles. The light of blood is no different from that of Jesus’ on the Cross.

Because of the radiance emanating while embracing and loving mankind with a parental heart, many times it is difficult to see the face of surrounding people. Moreover, when Rev. Sun Myung Moon sighs, perhaps earthly people cannot hear his breathing sound, but there are many times that it resounds like thunder. This is the sound of his concern, anxiety and grief for mankind. How can this be expressed in words? Every moment when Rev. Sun Myung Moon moves, with the anxiety that he may get hurt, God places cushions of light, and covers him with resplendent light every location where Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaks. It is very difficult for me to watch the scene because I was so moved by such love from God.

The reason that I am calling my Parent, whom I have been attending all my life, by his name, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is because of my desire that not only our Unification Church members, but all religious people and every intellectual person as well, study and analyze Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents. The fact that you are attending the greatest man on earth with a physical body, is an event of enormous significance that simply cannot be adequately expressed to you. However, it makes me, Sang Hun Lee, very painful and impatient as I realize the fact that there are many people who do not even know how to deal with the fact of this grand event. I don’t have any results which I can be proud of during my earthly life, but I want to express once more to everyone the incredible fortune which I had in my life as a man - to encounter and attend the greatest men. Therefore, I truly ask you to study more and more deeply.

In this great time, if you arrive in this world not having known the real value of this greatest man in your life, you will experience embarrassment and pain. All I want is to help you to prevent this. Then, who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon? I want those who still ask from a far distance “Are you the one who is to come?” to quickly come to a conclusion. I wish you would believe that True Parents are the True Parents of both the physical and the spiritual worlds, and the Messiah of humankind, so that you will not have regrets later.

Today, the reason that I am testifying about True Parents to you again is because one who has already completed his earthly life cannot borrow the strength of a person with a physical body all the time, and the chance to do so is such an incredible event. However, such an opportunity does not come often. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I want to make sure that you remember this fact one more time. “Every congregation of all other denominations! Are you still waiting for the Messiah to come on the clouds? Please, I ask you to broaden the range of your faith, and change the direction of your view of faith, so that we can meet together in the place of the children of God with a matured intellect.”

March 20, 1999

4. God and True Parents

We all have been unable to see God. Then, can we see God when we come to the spiritual world? If He is the one that we human beings can see, He may not be God.

God is He whom we cannot see with our human eyes or touch. He is not a being who can be seen within the limit of human vision. God is the parent of all humankind, the creator of all things. If such a God can be determined and analyzed within human thinking, then we can conclude that any other great being could become God.

God is only God. My arrogance that I would be able to analyze God when I came to the Kingdom of Heaven completely collapsed into small pieces. If there is any one who would analyze God, he would be the most foolish one and no different from an idiot. This effort, then, is no more than a waste of time. If any one could analyze God with their human brain, that person would have to be God.

I wish you would think deeply about the fact that God is every where, and that He is omnipotent and almighty, and give up on analyzing God. I think it is the duty of children to attend Him with the attitude of absolute obedience.

Then, who are True Parents? God desired to love and feel joy through the grandchildren and great grandchildren generation after generation after creating humankind. However, because human history began from a criminal, the entire direction of history went wrong. For this reason, in order to straighten this history out, God waited for the moment while sending countless historical beings. At this point, we must re-think about Jesus’ crucifixion and straighten out our thinking.

If Jesus had not been crucified, he would have become the parent of mankind. However, because Jesus was crucified, new parents must come to mankind. Otherwise, mankind has no way to be saved. Therefore, God has sent Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, to this earth and is having him give rebirth to humankind that has the wrong blood lineage.

Attending God, True Parents became the officiator of large weddings and married many people. By doing so, True Parents were rooting out the blood of the fall (crime) from humankind. This is the so-called Blessing of Mass Weddings. Since God gave Rev. Sun Myung Moon the qualification and the authority of the Messiah, we must all participate in this blessing and cleanse the root of original sin. The final destiny of history is the salvation of humankind, and the history of humankind is the history of providential restoration. Therefore, the one who can completely banish Satan who has been acting as the owner until now, in someone else’s place, and leads mankind to live attending God as True Owner and True Parents, is this very Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Therefore, Lucifer, the criminal of mankind must be born again through True Parents, walk the path of redemption, and attend God from his original position. From now on, I wish that we can finally cleanse the evil history of sin through True Parents, and accept everything with the attitude of a new start. We must attend and follow Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the True Parents whom God has sent to the earth.

Only when we do so, will the direction of reborn life be determined for us human beings, and we mankind will be able to stay in the eternal home in the Kingdom of Heaven in this spiritual world. I sincerely wish that you would clearly realize this, practice True Love, and never have any regrets.

March 20, 1999

5. The Path that All Humankind Must Go

Humankind was created by God. However, for humankind, the parents who gave birth to us and the parents who raised us are different. The parents who raised humankind is the devil or Satan. Because of the fall, humankind was not able to treat and acknowledge God, as His children, but lost the right to go forward in front of God on their own. Therefore, humankind must restore the relationship of father and son with God. To do so, only when humankind returns to its original position, can it stand in front of God. For humankind to return to the original position, it needs the Messiah. The Savior of humankind, the Messiah is none other than the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, who came on earth. Without going through the Messiah, humankind has no other way to go in front of God.

In order to go to the place of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven, humankind must be reborn. The Messiah received the authority to save humankind through the blessing from God. Therefore, all humankind must be reborn through the Messiah’s blessing, and must live the life of believing and attending Him. This is the only way to connect this glorious situation to the spiritual world. The blessing of humankind is the blessing of God, the liberation of God, and the cleansing of God’s history of han. This is the age of consummation.

The history of humankind has passed along without anyone revealing the fact that the history of humankind must be restored, but now, people must completely conclude the entire evil history of the sin of Satan, and must restore the history of humankind by attending God in the position of True Owner. When the original world is restored on earth, hell in the spiritual world will automatically disappear. Since there are only citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven alive on earth, why would hell be needed in the eternal world? Only when we have the attitude of life that the final destination of our lives is not the earth, but the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, will we be restored from our old habit of life.

When the life of each individual can be acknowledged by God, the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world will end. When this happens, Satan will not be able to find any place to stand, and his base will be completely destroyed. We would normally think that the eternal peace of humankind would come when Satan is cut and rooted out eternally from us, but this requires enormous time. The Thought and Principle must be taught to every one. The eternal peace of humankind and the salvation of humankind is the goal of God and True Parents.

Now, we will experience with our own eyes that the evil history of sin will vanish since the time of Heaven’s fortune is coming. Therefore, we must be wise people!

Don’t fail to keep your place in this grand line, but do fulfill the mission of a pioneer. That is our victory of restoration, the way of filial piety in front of God, and the position of entering the place of the Kingdom of Heaven. I wish you would attend True Parents in one place and stand on the frontline for the realization of the peace of humankind, which is also the desire of all people and of God.

March 21, 1999

6. Myself of Today

Yesterday and today, we always wear the clothes that are stained with evil and sin during our earthly life, but never think to change the clothes. This is because no one has taught us this fact. However, when we recognize the period and environment, we are standing in a very fortunate position. We were born in the age of restoration, and now we know the entire secret of the cosmos to be able to cleanse our stained selves.

Now we know the task that we must do and the direction we need to go. We even know that the invisible spiritual world exists. That is the place where you have never been; it is the unknown place from which you cannot return once you go. However, how much further can I reveal the fact that the spiritual world exists? Would it be alright if we just go straight? You must make sure that the direction is determined correctly.

I can say that this is a somewhat complicated context to understand since it explains in quite some detail about the spiritual world. However, what else could I do, as one who came here before you? Shouldn’t it be the case that I should reveal the reality of this place to you and then pray and wait until that you would directly seek and come to the bosom of God? Because my heart is burning with such desire, I am asking you once more. The way of filial piety to God and True Parents is to properly discover myself today and maintain myself. Don’t expect that such a report as this will be given again sometime in the future.

Obviously, the spiritual world and physical world are two different worlds. The task of revealing the secrets of the spiritual world can be permitted by a particular person and at a particular time. Therefore, don’t expect any more to come after this time. Spirit people are meant to live in the spiritual world, and earthly people are meant to live on the earth. Let’s become a person of today who lives life as an original self in the eternal happy position, through remembering today’s revealed facts deeply, holding tightly to them, and making them my own. I truly wish your life to be renewed by taking care of, polishing, and cleansing yourself to become an original self.

March 21, 1999

Chapter V - Apology of Lucifer

1. God’s Request to Lucifer

The new Heaven and earth began in the history of grief and han, and now the age for God to be able to sit in the position of True Parents in front of humanity is dawning. The beginning and the end have already been finalized. Already, every child of the entire Heaven and earth knows who you are. Lucifer, recall your original self and the position wherein you were unconditionally obeying God and rejoicing at the time of the first meeting in Garden of Eden; please return to that position. You are not qualified to conduct the conclusion of the evil history of sin which you have sowed. Your original self was being created as only a messenger. You were not created to act as parents for the children of God. Various explanations are not necessary. Already the judgement has been made. So, your appearance wouldn’t become cowardly in front of all humankind if you quietly show your final humble attitude.

There won’t be another day of judgment for you. Since the final judgment has been made, just quietly return to your position. This is God’s final request. It would be better for you to act even one second earlier. If your action takes place one second late, you will remain as the eternal cowardly one in front all of history, and the disastrous scene of your punishment will unfold miserably.

Quickly return to your original position. If you do so, God will quickly settle all the disease of evil and sin which you have spread with such a mess. Go, goto your position. I am ordering you in the name of Jehovah, often thousand armies. Lucifer! Return to your position! Jehovah of ten thousand armies is requesting this of you and telling you for the last time.

March 21, 1999

2. From Lucifer to God

I am offering this to God.

God, I am very sorry.

How could I dare to ask for Your forgiveness? Although I knew that history would end some day, I wasn’t able to see either the direction or my original position to which I must go. I was always anxious because there was no one who radically, formally made determination to lead me strongly. How could I dare to go to the position where I am told to go?

I will return as I would carry the punishment given by God.

What more could I say about the countless days that I sinned by ignoring God’s long sigh although I saw it?

God! God!

I am very sorry.

From Lucifer
March 21, 1999

3. From Lucifer to True Parents

I am offering this to True Parents. Since all people call you True Parents, I call you True Parents. I am very sorry that I gave you an extremely huge difficulty to straighten out the countless aspects of evil history of sin that I committed. What word would I have to tell you? Once, I, undeserving and selfish, desired to receive the blessing. I am very sorry for this. If it is possible, I ask for your generous punishment, as you are the parents of humankind. As I see the countless ways of evil and sin, the ways of indemnity, even with my eyes, I can see that the only way of my return is the way of bloody bruises. However, if it is the last way of suffering to go to God and True Parents, I will follow obeying.

True Parents, Parents of humankind, Lucifer is very sorry.

I am truly sorry.

From Lucifer
March 21, 1999

4. From Lucifer to Humankind

I am offering this to all humankind. This is Lucifer, the criminal of humankind.

The devil Lucifer, who spread the blood lineage of original sin to humankind by acting as God, although he is not God, has no word he can say as the criminal in front of all humankind.

From now on, when poverty, suffering, and disease disappear, and God’s new Heaven and earth open, rather than poverty and disease, peace will come to all people in the world of love and dance.

I think I have no opportunity to even give my excuse in front of the history of suffering and war which caused you to suffer from disease because of me. Unconditionally, I am very sorry.

I won’t even offer an excuse before the fact that, I betrayed countless members of humankind and religious people. I will return as Lucifer, wishing all humankind to be happy as children of God.

Criminal Lucifer of humankind
March 21, 1999